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Monday, June 7, 2010

Daycraft Decoder sketchbook and Laptop notebook

These are some of the coolest notebooks I have ever seen. Photos do not do them justice. Wow!

These were generously sent to me as samples from Daycraft, the #1 brand of diaries and notebooks in Hong Kong. My reviews of these are long overdue!

First, the Decoder sketchbook. The sketchbooks in this range have messages on their cover in Braille, Sign Language, Morse Code and Semaphore (flag signaling communication). I have the Morse Code one. This book is extremely cool:
There is an elastic strap to hold the book closed. The 110 gsm paper is black, with rounded corners:

This paper would look great written or sketched on with a silver Sharpie, paint pens, pastels, chalk and even pencil:

The first page has an interesting history of the use of Morse code:

The back cover has the entire Morse code alphabet and numerals, so you can decode the message on the front cover:
This book is very eye-catching and is sure to be a conversation-starter!

Another conversation-starting notebook is the Laptop notebook. Imagine people's surprise when you open up your "laptop" and they realize it's a notebook!

This book really looks like a laptop computer from the outside. Even the page edges are printed to look like electronics:

The white 100 gsm paper is lined. Interestingly, the pages are lined lengthwise on the page, so you write across the length of the page with the book open laptop-style:
Both of these books are A5 size, approximately 8 1/2 by 6 inches.

Daycraft is still looking for a US distributor, but in the meantime you can buy many of their products online at:


Be aware that they ship from Australia. They do ship internationally, but be sure to check your currency conversion and shipping rates to avoid any surprises on your credit card bill!

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Many, many thanks to Daycraft for sending me so many of their amazing products to review! All of their books are very cool, and of superior quality with excellent paper. I hope they find US distributors soon!


  1. Very neat I like the morse code book and the laptop book! Very different

  2. these are really cool! i love interesting notebook designs but even the ones that just have a nice cover tend to scare me away - theyre too nice to write in!


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