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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Rickshaw bag in traveling action

Here's an action shot of me and my Rickshaw bag in Apollonia

Apollonia is an ancient Corinthian, and later Roman, city in Albania that's a couple hours' drive from where I live.  My family and I had a great afternoon among the ancient ruins!

Some details: this is a Small Zero messenger bag from Rickshaw Bagworks (who also make the awesome Moleskine folios, and now custom iPad sleeves too!). It's called a Zero bag because there is zero waste in the production.  Even the little scraps from cutting the material are used in the production of the bag.

I used their Customizer to choose the exact colors of my bag.  The purple color is called Iris (they also have an Amethyst purple that's slightly more bluish).  The trim is Pink.

I carried my lunch, guidebook, sunscreen, and enormous 2 liter bottle of water (which I removed for the photo for a better shot of the bag) up and down the hills all afternoon and hardly felt a thing.  I told my husband, I can tell it's a well-designed bag if I can carry this much and it feels so easy!

Thank you Rickshaw for an excellent bag!

You can also see this photo on Rickshaw's Facebook page along with my and their comments about it!  They mistook the location for Italy though, and I corrected them that it's Albania.  Just across the water from Italy!


  1. Wow Laurie. Looks like an excellent bag! We've done some hiking trips (Yosemite, Hawaii Volcano Park, Roman Forum) that I could have used this! Thinking about it now for future trips!

  2. Hi Michele! I can highly recommend this bag for traveling and hiking. I like a messenger bag better than a backpack because I don't have to stop and take it off every time I need to access my water/ map/ guidebook/ snacks.

    Hey, my husband and I spent a winter in Volcanos National Park! We were volunteers on a science team living and working in the national park--we lived in a little house on the rim of Kilauea cauldera! That was a very interesting time in our lives, back when we were young and pre-kids. What an amazing place.

  3. Rickshaw bags are fantastic! When I got my Dodocase for my iPad, I also ordered the Rickshaw messgenger back they designed specifically to work with it. I absolutely love it! I occasionally find myself just looking at it and stroking it - you know you've got a quality object.

    Um.....maybe that's too much information.....


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