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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

And Happy New Planner to all of you starting a new day-per-page planner today!  It's so exciting to start writing in a new book!

And, how cool is today's date?!?  1/1/11!!!

This year holds a lot of mysteries for me. Yet again I find myself wondering where I will be at the end of this year.  Will I stay here?  Will I be back in the US? Will I be somewhere else entirely?

I look at my 2011 planner and think, what will I write on all those pages of yours?

But whatever happens, I am feeling optimistic about this year.:)

I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 and that your planner gets filled with good things!


  1. Happy New Year Laurie! I hope I get to meet you this year :-)

  2. Happy New Year Laurie. Yes turn over the page and oohh look some nice new pages to write on...

    Going big this year... A4 Yes!!!

  3. Happy new year Laurie! Enjoy your planner and your year!

  4. Happy New Year!!! So exciting ... all the possibilities - all that awaits to be written on blank leaves!

  5. Happy New Year, Laurie and everyone! I too am excited and a little anxious of what will be written on the pages to come. Hoping it is all good stuff! Can't wait to see if you at last find your perfect planner :-) Still loving my FC setup and size.

  6. Happy new year from me as well!
    This week I started my weekly large moleskin as my health diary and the space is enough for now. My other planner is the small daily MS, which so far I've only drawn into a bit to personalize it. Since I still don't have an actual planner (President, where are you..?), I'm hesitant about making a decision for the small Mole. I'll give the P. another week and then I may have to use the Mole as my regular planner.

    Laurie, may I ask why you move so often, internationally? I'd so like to know! It sounds like an exciting lifestyle, but it must also be stressful to never fully settle. If you don't mind sharing...:)

  7. Christine, my husband was a diplomat so we lived overseas and moved every 2-3 years with frequent international trips and journeys back to the US to see family. He resigned from that position in August and we moved to Scotland so he can attend a graduate program here. But, whether we stay or move someplace else will depend on where he finds a job after his grad degree is finished. Or alternatively if/ where I find a job. So, we have a lot of uncertainty in our lives. But after 23 moves in 18 years, I'm getting used to it! It does get harder and harder as the kids get older and miss their friends though. We are hoping that wherever we move next (or here if he finds a job locally) we'll be able to stay for a long time. :)

  8. BTW Christine, which format is your large weekly Moleskine? Just curious. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing, Laurie. Your resume must wow every potential employer (I'm serious)!
    I have the large weekly + notes on all of the right page, soft cover. My small MS has the hard cover. Both are black (after 2 years of small red weeklies). I love them both! :) I like that the small MS is so thick; it somehow gives it substance.
    I've been using only the monthly overview of my large MS for upcoming events/appointments, as I was getting tired of keeping a list on a piece of paper until P. arrives. It's all good, except I can't wait to try P. :)

  10. Hi Laurie

    Just a line to wish you a happy and prosperous 2011, and a successful resolution to your future uncertainty. What postgrad program is your husband on? I have considered part time postgrad for two or three years now, but recent changes to the fees structure might mean it becomes something I can't afford, at least for now.

    I've started my 2011 in DPP, although I also have a vertical appointments WO2P which Jotje kindly got for me in the Netherlands and sent over. Time will tell which wins out, but I *do* like my daily 'to do' lists (with apologies to David Allen and the GTD system), so I'm leaning towards DPP at the moment.

    I trust your holiday season has been relaxing and enjoyable.....enjoy 2011!



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