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Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes I bought yet another Rickshaw folio!

I'm collecting them like Filofaxes! I couldn't resist panic-buying the Daily Planner folio in the discontinued purple faux suede.

You may remember I have the Classic folio in the fuzzy purple faux suede.  Classic size holds a large Moleskine notebook or weekly planner.

I also have a Daily Planner folio in the same Iris cordura nylon that exactly matches my small Zero messenger bag (which both look much more blue here than in real life):

But last month I decided I also want the Daily Planner folio in the fuzzy delightfulness of the faux suede.  So imagine my dismay when I got on the Rickshaw Customizer website and found they were no longer available!

I emailed the very nice people at Rickshaw and Joe got back to me right away saying he'd done some digging around in the back room and found my beloved purple faux suede, and there was enough left to make a Folio.  Then I asked him if there was any light pink trim left, so it would match my other Folios.  He very kindly dug around again and found some!  Then I realized I needed to wait until I had some Christmas money in my pocket before I could splash out on the folio, so I put it all on hold.  (Sorry Joe!!)

Earlier this month I got back to them again, ready to buy.  Joe was out of the office for awhile so Kati took good care of me.  They weren't phased by my PayPal wackiness (US billing address, UK shipping address).  And my wonderful custom-made Folio got here to me in record time!

I knew that I would pay a lot extra to have it shipped here to the UK.  I chose FedEx shipping with tracking and insurance, which cost $30 (although I could have chosen a cheaper option).  And import taxes and VAT cost me another £16.  But for me it was worth it to get the Folio I wanted.

Here is my Daily Planner Folio!

 Purple fuzziness.  Love it.

The Folios are perfect for traveling or commuting with your Moleskine.  Inside there's a pocket to hold a couple of pens, and a smartphone pocket.  There's also a clear card holder pocket, and a zip pocket to hold your passport, money, or papers.

The large Moleskine Daily Planner's back cover slides into the folio to hold it securely. Inside the back cover of the Folio is a clear pocket so you can see what's in it. Genius!

The zipper area is expanded to accommodate the thicker Daily Planner.

As always, many thanks to the wonderful folks at Rickshaw for your superb customer service!!  Love ya! :)

Click here to see Rickshaw Bagworks' selection of Folios. And click here for Rickshaw's Customizer.  (Beware: it's addictive!!)


  1. I LOVE Rickshaw Bagworks! I have a backpack, another bag and two folios myself. Just perfect, and I'm thinking about getting their latest bag, the Mini Commuter Messenger ...

  2. I am going to have to look into Rickshaw! My obsession today is finding a new Timbuk2 messenger-- one with some pop of color, but not so over the top that I'll tire of it right away.

    Before recommitting to my Filofax, I was seriously contemplating using a really lovely leather Nook case to hold the planner I was using. The Rickshaw reminds me of that idea, although it's definitely more user-friendly!


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