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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've noticed there's a lot of beeping going on in this modern age.

I live in a very texting-heavy culture these days, so my phone beeps at me many times per day to indicate I've received a text.

Each room in my house has a wall-mounted air conditioner that beeps when I turn it on or off, change the temperature or fan speed.

Even my washing machine beeps melodiously throughout the wash to indicate when it moves from wash to spin to rinse, then when it's done.  It sounds like I've loaded my clothes into R2D2, who then proceeds to give me beeping updates on the status of my clothing.  Does it really need to do that? Can't it just beep once when it's done?

I personally do not like beeping, it's distracting and I don't like random noises.

This is just one of the many reasons why I love using a paper planner. It doesn't beep at me. It doesn't add to the auditory overload I already feel on any given day. It's not demanding. It's just there when I need it.

Do you get annoyed by beeps too? Or do you rely on beeps to remind you of things you would otherwise forget?


  1. I don't like beeps either, unless I have something in the oven. Without a kitchen timer I can guarantee I'd burn the house down. I'm forgetful like that.

    I also hate all the little reminder icons on my Blackberry, the ones that show up on the home screen when you have a new tweet, Facebook message, etc. They drive me crazy- I am constantly clearing them off. I don't know how people can have 15 Facebook messages and 20 emails just sitting like that! Ok, rant over :)

    Just goes to show why we all love our paper planners!

  2. Yep, my new car has a variety of them. Ones for the parking system, seat belts, frost warnings and other warnings, Speed warnings. Fortunately you can turn some of them off!! It's working out what the beep was for!

    My Malden now that is silent.... not even a creak from the leather....

  3. Don't like the sounds of industrialized society and noise pollution period. Cars, lawnmowers, beeps, ad infinitum. I do agree with J though, oven timers are indispensable.

  4. I hate noise - it aggravates me. I don't mind the little 'boo ba da doop' I get when I get a text on my Crackberry b/c it's usually from my best friend (who lives three provinces away). I've muted down everything else I can on it, so it's just other people's dings that annoy me now.

    Our fridge beeps when you leave the door open for what IT considers too long. My husband is very guilty of that one and gets the audio smackdown all the time!

  5. LOL about the fridge! Mine should say, "Make your choice and shut the door!!"

    Recently I read somewhere that visual learners (which I am) can't work with noise distractions. That's definitely the case for me! I have to be able to "hear myself think."

  6. @terriknits "audio smackdown" LOL!

    I hate beeping things. I have not missed my cell phone (well, a little) since I had to get rid of it. Beep when someone texts, beep when the battery is low, beep when the battery is charged, beep, beep, beep.

    My stupid car beeps all the time, and I especially hate the seat belt beep.(Although, the "you've left your lights on, you moron" beep is quite useful...) I would really love to live in the country, old-fashioned-y like with not so modern conveniences (including oil lamps, I adore them).

    That being said however, I do adore the internet. My computer doesn't beep at me though :)

    Also a visual learner (or ADD) or however you want to say it, and noise drives me crazy. My least favorite is the hum of flourescent lightning..ugh.

    (BTW, don't know if you see comments on older posts or not...somehow I missed running my mouth (keyboard) off on some of these??)

  7. Rori I recently had to start moderating comments on posts older than one week to try to control the spambots!

    Your hate of fluorescent hum reminds me of my husband--he can't handle any kind of repetitive noise. Especially in the car. (Like a tick-tick-tick noise sets him nuts.) He'll drive me crazy searching for the source of a noise that's driving him crazy!


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