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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Daycraft notebooks: Illusions and Skinz

Many thanks to Daycraft for sending me these very cool notebooks to review! And my apologies to them for the shipping difficulties. One box of samples was sent to me, and after several weeks was presumed to be lost so a second box was sent.  The second box arrived safe and well, then a couple of weeks later the first box arrived too! So now I have a whole lot of awesome notebooks!

The Illusions and Skinz notebooks are new to the Daycraft lineup.  They're so new they're not up on the website yet, but are in the 2012 catalog.

Below is the selection I received: two A4 size Illusions notebooks, three A5 size Illusions notebooks, and an A6 size Skinz notebook:
I was very interested to see the Illusions notebooks come in A4 size. Click on the photo to enlarge and get a good view of the optical illusions on the covers!
The covers are made from laminated paper, so they are flexible without being floppy.

There are 176 pages of white, 100g woodfree paper which is fountain pen friendly.  I don't have fountain pens, so I tested the paper with three of my soakingest-through pens I have: black and red Pelikan Inkys, and a black Faber-Castel Broadpen.  For reference, these all bleed straight through Moleskine paper in a bad way.

You can see on the reverse side of the page there is hardly any show-through to the other side of the page, and absolutely no bleed-through.

The pages are lined (9mm) with reverse-arrows at each end of the lines for an optical illusion effect (click on photo below for a better view).
The insides of the covers have the same patterns as the outside, and in the back there is a full size pocket:
Click on the photo below to see the details on the product information band:
Below are the A5 size Illusions notebooks. My favorite is the one on the left, because it looks like the wheels rotate when you look at it! Very cool.
The A5 Illusions notebooks also have 176 pages of white 100 g woodfree paper. The lines are narrower than in the A4 at 6.5mm, and have the same arrow illusion at the ends of each line.
The A5 notebooks also have a full size pocket in the back of the book.
Click the photo below to see the product details.
Next up is the new Skinz notebook. This is just one of the cover options in the Skinz lineup.
The cover is soft, and the tattoo pattern runs across to the back of the book:
Inside the book is a page of temporary tattoos you can apply to match your notebook!
The page edges are red, which looks really cool:

Inside, the 100g beige woodfree paper is lined (6.5mm) and has a tattoo pattern at the top of each page.
Click on the photo below to see the product information.
Many thanks again to Daycraft for sending me these awesome notebooks! I am continually impressed by the very high quality of Daycraft products and the unique cover options.

Folks in Asia can expect to see the Illusions and Skinz notebooks on shelves soon.

People outside of Asia, don't despair! You can always order Daycraft products at http://www.verachan.com/online-shop/ and don't forget to quote code plannerisms at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order!

And now for the first time, Daycraft products are available to purchase in the US: the Cookie Bookie line of notebooks is available in the MoMA shop. So if you find yourself there, be sure to check them out!

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