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Monday, May 30, 2011

Jottrr notebook new features!

I won this Jottrr notebook in a giveaway from The Paperie!  Many thanks!

There are several updates and new features since I last reviewed a Jottrr notebook. Click here to see my previous Jottrr review.

The Jottrr is an A5 size notebook with 160 pages of thick 120g paper including blank, lined and graph pages.  The notebook lies flat easily. You can click on the photo above and below for a larger view of the band detailing the product features.

I love the pink! The wide elastic band holds the book closed securely.
The cover is flexible without being floppy. 

New feature: there is now a color-matched woven bookmark to indicate your current page.  If you click on the photo for a larger view you can see that the left page is blank and the right page is lined. This is extremely useful for artists and scientists alike: drawings, samples and data on the left, notes on the right.
Every page is numbered! Very useful feature.
There are 20 perforated pages for those times when you need to remove a page.
There are 8 graph pages, which are perforated. Having blank, lined and graph pages all in the same notebook is very useful, and I've never heard of it in any other brand of notebook.

Another new feature of the Jottrr notebooks: there are two fold-out A4 size pages! These are also perforated for easy removal if you wish. This is another feature I've never seen in any other notebook.

There is a pocket in the back of the book to hold loose papers, cards, or anything else you want to keep with your notebook.

Many thanks again to The Paperie for sending me this excellent, high quality, unique notebook!

Jottrr notebooks come in pink, yellow or charcoal covers and can be purchased from The Paperie UK.  You can see more information about Jottrr notebooks at www.jottrr.com.


  1. Hey, this might make a great 2ppd planner! You'd just (obviously) have to enter all the date info yourself..but plenty of room. Hmmm....

  2. Rori this WOULD make a great 2 page per day planner! There are 148 pages of the blank/ lined facing pages, which means you could have 74 days in it with the graph pages for notes. Great idea!

  3. Ok, 74 days means it would take 5 to get through the year (4.9 something) Hmmm, maybe not...


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