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Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011-2012 Plan-It Middle School and High School planners

I am very excited that Plan-It has a new line of planners developed specifically for Middle School and High School students! They incorporate goal-setting right into the planner pages, and are packed with tips on goal setting, effective studying, internet safety and loads more.

These planners have the same excellent weekly format with monthly calendars embedded in the weeks as the other Plan-It planners I have reviewed.  The layout is the same in both the Middle School and High School planners.  Both of these planners run from August 2011 through July 2012.

The inside cover has all of 2011 at a glance. The first page has spaces to write your personal information, emergency contacts and other information.

There are pages to write your class schedule for easy reference.

And there are LOADS of information pages! I won't show them all, but there are pages for Study Tips; Study Skills with advice on different learning methods; Goal Planning tips and space to list goals in different categories; excellent pages with information about Internet Safety; Test Taking Tips, Social Studies facts (shown below), details on the Branches of U.S. Government and how they work; English parts of speech, punctuation, spelling tips, and rules for capitalization; a huge list of Commonly Misspelled Words; Science tables of measurements, metric system equivalencies, conversion tables between U.S. and metric measurements; Geometry angles and shapes.  There's tons of information packed into this book for handy reference!
There are a couple of lined pages for notes, then the planner section begins. At the beginning of each month there is a monthly calendar on the two-page spread. Notice at the top of the monthly pages are spaces for Monthly Goals and Long-Term goals, which is a wonderful feature. There's also room for notes along the right side of the page, and holidays are printed in the day spaces.There are reference calendars for last month and next month too.

The weekly pages have lined day spaces with loads of room to write, even on the weekends. Holidays are also printed in these day spaces, and there is a reference calendar of the current month. I really like the color scheme in the Middle School planner, the pages are so nice to look at!

Starting in July the calendar switches to a week per page, saving pages during the summer when you probably will use your planner less than during the school year.  Inside the back cover is a reference calendar for all of 2012.

These planners measure approximately 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches tall and are only about 1/4 inch thick, so they are very portable and can go everywhere with you in your bag. The spiral binding allows them to lay totally flat and easily fold back on themselves.

As you might imagine, I especially love the Goal Setting pages (which I specifically didn't show a photo of because I don't want to give away any secrets!) and the space in the monthly pages to write goals, to keep them visible all the time. Plan-It, I would love to see a "grown up" version of this planner with pages of goal-setting tips and spaces to write goals on the monthly and weekly pages. This is extremely useful for everyone, at any age.

Many, many thanks to Plan-It for sending me these planners as samples to review! They are excellent for students of any age, and anyone at all really. I would highly recommend these for anyone looking for an academic-year planner.

You can find Plan-It Planners at http://www.plan-itplanners.com/, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/planitplanners, and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/planitplanners.

You can click here to see all the Plan-It planners currently available on Amazon.com.

Click on the images below to go directly to the product pages for the Middle School and High School planners I reviewed in this post.


  1. They look great, but I still think there's a market for something that brings a little fun to each day. Like little emoticon tickboxes to rate your day, or to rate how you felt in the morning. With 30 minutes of committee mtg, I'm sure design committee to make something like that, and thus make the books a social draw in addition to organizing their lives.

  2. This is very much like the planner that got me started! We received these in high school to keep track of assignments and due dates. I used them to death each year, mainly just for keeping track of homework and assignments. But it's how I got my start in the planner world! It would work for me today though, since I need more flexibility than a spiral-bound will allow for.


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