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Friday, October 28, 2011

Poll for Filofax users

Hey Filofax users! I'm running a poll to see what size and format of planner/ diary inserts you use in your "main" Filofax. You can choose multiple things, for example if you use monthly and weekly inserts in your A5 Filofax you can choose all of those.

I'm really curious to see what everyone is using!  Please place your vote over at the right.


  1. This is great- I'm excited to see the results! I also use a Filofax year-view insert in my binder, but didn't see that as an option!

  2. Oh shoot I forgot to include the year-view as an option! Sorry about that!

  3. I'm using a Dodo Pad in my personal Malden, so had to go for week on 1 page. Wonder how many other Dodo Paders there are out there?

  4. Good point Anita! I would classify the Dodo Pad diary insert as week + notes because it has the weekly schedule on the right page and the left page has lots of open space for writing notes.

    Anyone else using a Dodo Pad diary insert in their Personal or A5 Filofax?

  5. Oh no, am I too late to this party? Is the poll gone?

  6. Yes, sorry! The poll only lasted a week. You can post a comment to tell us what you're using though! :)

  7. Ah, that's what I get for going on vacation! ;)

    I'm currently using a Compact Filo - ring size is 1/2 inch. All inserts are personal size. In it, I have a month on two pages (grid format), one week of 2 pages per day, and a week on two pages lined for the rest of the current month and two future months.

    This will change slightly for 2012. I will change the 2 pages per day to the day per page and keep an entire month of them, with two future months of week on two pages. I'll also continue with the month on two pages.


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