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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ecosystem and Whomi planners not produced for 2012

I've had several people email me to ask if I have any information about Ecosystem and Whomi planners. 

I don't personally, but from what people have told me, they have received replies from Ecosystem (www.ecosystemlife.com) that their planners are not being produced for 2012 and they hope to bring them back for 2013.

Whomi planners (www.whomi.com) also hope to return for 2013, you can read more about their production plans here.

I was very surprised and disappointed that these two excellent planner brands are currently out of production. Tough times for the planner industry!


  1. It is a brave company that doesn't produce something for a year and hope that it's customers will come back again in a years time...

  2. Yes I was thinking the same thing. It's a big risk to hope that people will come back after a year of using, and possibly being converted to, a different planner.

  3. Months ago, I asked my local store why they're not stocking Ecosystem this year and was told the same thing. It was strange though that one could pre-order on amazon.com.

    I really hope they'll stick around and that more people start buying recycled. It's not enough to just think it's a good idea and "good for the environment"; one needs to ask for and purchase such products, consistently.

  4. I have one of their lined journals and I love it. I hope they don't go under!

  5. I have checked year after year and wait patiently for my Whomi a smartphone is not enough!!


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