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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Planner of the Year 2011

Is my pocket daily Moleskine! I'm still using it along with my weekly planner to capture all my daily details, and it's working wonderfully.

I use it to list all the things I need to do today, and to capture information throughout the day. Then it is a permanent reference of what I did each day.

Another reason this planner is a winner is because even though it's so small it really does fit in my pocket, there's lots of space to write on the daily pages. In fact I measured the pages and this has as much or more writing space as larger daily planners because the open format allows me to write from the very top to the very bottom of the page, and to each side (which I often do). In other daily planners, a more cluttered format provides less actual writing space.

You might remember this planner was my mid-year planner winner too.  I love it so much I plan to use my 2012 daily pocket Moleskine the same way.

To liven up the cover and pages, I had my kids decorate it for me. Here is my 2011 Mole on the left, and 2012 on the right:
 I have added monthly indicators as I love to do.
 I love the decorations!

 My kids colorized the formerly boring map:
 and decorated holiday pages too:

I'm planning to use my daily pocket Moleskine for all of 2012. That's a big commitment for me!  You can see my next post for more details on how I'm using this daily diary along with my weekly planner.


  1. wow that's awesome! i was psyched that i stayed in the same compact filofax for 6 months. i actually even used the same diary format - ff mo2p and wpp w/todo sheet in between. i recently went back to school and thought i might need larger space so tried the wo2p. don't like it. i'm going to try the wo2p cotton cream in jan and see if that extra notes space on top helps any. the only thing i was really unsatisifed with was my dailies. i like to journal and have been able to do that daily for the past 6 months as well, but i changed my daily format constantly. in jan, i will start using the large daily moleskine and see how that works. i like the idea of having my dialies in a bound book but i don't like the idea of then having 2 books to attend to at the end of the day. we'll se how it goes...

  2. I love this. I've just sat and added monthly indicators to this years and next extra small moleskine day per page diaries, great idea.

    I have been very lucky to receive (in a Facebook Giveaway) a Pacman Pocket, day per page Moleskine diary for 2012 and I'm looking for suggestions as to how to use it.

    I have an extra small moleskine as my planner, I also tend to illustrate my day in here too & I have a large daily moleskine which is my log book & contains details (facts not opinions) of where I've been & what I've done. If there's room, I may add a pogo print or a ticket / stub from the day. I don't tend to journal in dated diaries as I find it engenders feelings of guilt when I don't get to it every day.

    Any suggestions would be greatly received.

    Thank you, Karen

  3. I'm glad you found a system that works well for you.
    I find your children's drawings in your planner adorable. It's nice to see a parent who lets their kids do that kind of thing.

  4. I somehow missed this post--what a maroon. The AWESOMENESS of this is off the charts!!!! How much will you love that artwork in the years to come? I am TOTALLY going to steal this idea and let my kids decorate mine :D

  5. Popping in to say, thanks everyone!!! Yes I will absolutely treasure this little planner all year, and forever, because of my precious kids' drawings in it. And I have to admit too, another reason why I had them draw in it is to MAKE myself use this planner ALL year and not be fickle and go back and forth between planners. I'll want to fill it all year, because it would be an absolute shame not to use this planner now! Not to mention, it will be so much fun to turn the pages and see the special little drawings throughout the days.


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