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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reader question: US planner similar to Organised Mum Life Book?

Reader Amelia emailed me recently to ask if there is a planner in the US that is similar to the Organised Mum Life Book (click here to see the product page, which has a direct link to my review! I'm so flattered they posted my review!).

Organised Mum does international shipping at very reasonable rates and with fast service. But Amelia would like a planner with similar features that has a US focus with US holidays etc.

I know there are a million "Mom planners" out there. Does anyone know of one in particular that's like the Org Mum Life Book?

Amelia, please post a comment and let us know more specifics about what features you are looking for: Budgeting pages? Menu planning? Tear-off shopping lists? Holiday planning?  All of the above?

Thanks in advance to everyone for any suggestions!!

(PS I'm having a WONDERFUL time in Scotland!!  I love it here!!!!!)


  1. How about MomAgenda? BusyBodyBook? Wirebound FranklinCovey binders?

  2. Orange Circle Studio has some fun and colorful planners, both plain bound and spiral bound, and you can see them here:


    They have stickers with some of them--very cute.

    I have bought mine one year from Daedalus Books. Might return to one in 2013....

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out. From the blog, it just seems the Organized Mums life book has everything and is a good size.
    I just wish it was easily available in the U.S.I love stickers BTW, but they're not a "deal breaker". (I was thinking about buying the stickers from Calendar Dots)

  4. Don't forget the Woman's Success planner. (Although it's more structured than the MomAgenda or Live Book.)

  5. I recently ordered a dot.mine planner and they have a few different kinds. You can check them out at timemine.com. I haven't received my planner yet but the website has a lot of good pictures. Good luck! :)

  6. I've also been wondering this. I have checked out the Ellen Condren planner and it seems interesting (but big!!) and I've tried one quarter of the Woman's Success Planner, but the spaces are really small. I'm considering the Uncalendar as a totally different option.

    Ugh...the pressure to find the "perfect" planner leads me to spend lots of time looking and very little time using.

  7. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I finally decided to go with The Women's Success Planner and a 24hr Planner from Brownline Products. I do shiftwork so it is hard for me to structure my "day" because there are so few 24hr planners. The Brownline was reasonably priced and somewhat portable. I just received the Women's Success Planner and the majority of the features I love so I decided that I am going to try and stick with this planner for the year. Of course there are some features that I wish I could add or even get rid of....
    I am continually wishing that there was somebody or company out there that would make customized planners or at least offer templates that are customizable *sigh*


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