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Friday, January 27, 2012

15% off all Success Choice products!

The Success Choice has given me a very generous discount code for Plannerisms readers!!  Enter code plannerisms12 at checkout to get 15% off your total purchase!

Success Choice planners have a unique setup with weekly layouts, monthly calendars, space to set and track goals, guides for household routines and personal growth.  It's a very comprehensive system to help you in every aspect of your life. The planners come in spiral-bound quarterly editions, or loose-leaf for your binder. 

Take a look at my review of the spiral-bound planners here with lots of photos and descriptions of the features.

There is also an Address Book insert available that is way more than just an address book--see my review of it here.

The paper used in the planners and address book is recycled, acid-free and archival for permanent records.

The Success Choice also sells hand-made leather covers for their planners,  see my review of the beautiful, soft brushed leather cover here.

GUESS WHAT! Success Choice now sells RING BINDERS for their loose leaf planner inserts!!  Check them out here!

All of The Success Choice products are made and printed in the USA.

And more great news: the 2013 planners will have wider line spacing in the daily spaces, due to popular demand. Thank you Success Choice for listening to your customers!

Many thanks to The Success Choice for offering this very generous discount code to Plannerisms readers. I will put this in the sidebar for future reference!


  1. Laurie, my apologies, as I know you have answered this in a previous comment but I can't track it down. Does the Woman's Success cover fit the Uncalender? Thanks!!

  2. Now I want one again!! ohmygosh remember how AWESOME the paper is???
    urgh >:/

  3. Thanks for the discount referral :)

    I have to ask: is the website as hard to read for anyone else as it is for me? The bold face with a small font made it unreadable on two different monitors.

    What say ye?



  4. Mstraat I'm happy to report that the Half Size Uncalendar planner fits perfectly in the Success leather cover! I did the experiment and it's sitting here next to me in all its glory.

    Rori, I know, right?!?!?

  5. Millicent the print on the website's product pages is okay for me, it's normal size and not bold. Maybe check your settings? The orange highlighted print (that you click on for more product info) is fine on mine but maybe that's what's giving you a hard time?


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