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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Have you made any resolutions for 2012? Are you using a new planner/ diary this year?

All the best to you in 2012!


  1. Hi Laurie - Happy New Year to you too. I hope you had a great start.

    I was wondering if I should try using a daily Moleskine planner (one day on one page) as my journal. But I think one page to journal might be little space .... and I have not bought one (yet).
    As you had used this planner already as a journal, what are your thoughts on this?

  2. Happy New Year, Laurie! Am glad you are in Scotland where you most love to be. Found your blog earlier this autumn when I was home sick and wandering the Internet - was blown away to find I'm not alone in my planner angst!

    I made a last minute switch from FC classic size ring binder with week and day per page to...ta da....yet another Plannerpad as this is the ONLY format that lets me see all my projects at a glance on the same weekly page. As a bound book it makes great future reference, and I did a nice collage on the covers that will induce me to keep using it all year. Since I could not give up the data power of a ring binder I now keep a small one in my bag with shopping, notes and contacts. Also I favor Cambridge business sized notebooks (7x9, I think) for my scribble journals that go everywhere with me, even to bedside. I did "tri" a trinote but can't see my project lists on it. Otherwise it's great and if life ever gets simpler I'll use one. The real key is how we work - and I am far more project oriented than appointment driven. I have a (complex & demanding) part time job that is threatening to go full time, am writing a book and have a commitment to produce 4 large illustrations, also am hoping to sell our house and relocate. Just won't flip tabs to track all this, but can salt project steps (on post-its) all through the year to keep me on track. So that's what I've chosen to start 2012 - heaven only knows if I can hold the course. After years of planner insanity feel I've got a grip on what works for me now, given my life.

  3. This year for the first time I am separating out a book for work, and will use the Moleskine Taskmaster for that. I have always had another journal, which this year will be the large daily Moleskine, and my personal planner will be a pocket Filofax. Seems this is always a work in progress!

  4. Happy New Year Laurie.

    Don't forget to update your copyright date to 2012

  5. I have certain daily health habits (or mini-goals) I want to establish. Using my lg daily Moleskine to track them on a weekly/daily basis... take vitamins, exercise, bed by 10:00, etc... My overall goals are to be more healthy & improve concentration & productivity.

    Also thinking about poss. projects for next yr... knitting/crochet, writing, etc...

  6. Happy new year!

    As for a diary, I am still torn between three options: 1. a paperblanks midi vertical, 2. a space24 with purple duo cover, and 3. a personal filofax. 1 and 2 have time slots which I really like, but 1 has no room for notes or todo's so is too impractical. it is pretty though. 2 is probably the most practical, but I like my filofax best. The filo is also heavy though, and has no timeslots unless I put in daily pages (that I have) or order the french weekly pages with timeslots. So what to do?

    Any advice or ideas?

  7. Happy New Year!
    See? Now I miss my Planner Pad...
    BUT I do love my Trinote and my Moleskine daily.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone! I just discovered this blog last week - didn't know there were other addicts out there! So far, because all your great info and reviews, I have purchased 2 Uncalendars (1/2 size for work, full for me) a pair of their matching notebooks, and several Parker Planners for my pocketbook. Can't wait to get them. Tried a Moleskine Lg Wkly w/Notes (along with several other office store finds)last year. It's a great planner, but couldn't get it to work for me. I always seem to have different lists going on at different times, and the Uncalendar seems like the perfect match to track everything as I need it. THANKS! for the blog!

  9. Happy New Year! After looking over your past reviews, I have just ordered the smaller Uncalendar. I buy so many planners and never use them more than a month or 2. Most are too structured for me. I need my messy lists and notes and a place for the few appointments that have set dates. I hope this one will work for me!

  10. Happy New Year Laurie!
    I am very excited to finally put in practise my new year resolution: been organized! :D how original am I? Heehee. I decided to try the WeekDate calendar you reviewed here for house stuff and a "few" Filofaxes for all the other fun things! What about you, what are your calendar plans for 2012? :)

  11. Popping in quickly from my hotel:

    1st of all, thanks for the reminder Steve! Date updated.

    notebooktivity, there are pros and cons to using a dated day per page planner as your journal:

    Pros: the dated pages encourage you to put SOMETHING each day. Also, you can go back and fill in days later if you don't write that day. And, the book progresses along with your year with a beginning, middle and end.

    Cons: Some people feel restricted by only one page each day. Alternatively, if you don't fill the page each day you may feel guilty about wasting space or feel compelled to write crap just to fill the page.

    If you want to make a commitment to write each day, the dated pages are definitely an incentive for daily writing!

  12. I am now using a half-size Uncalendar. I like it so far, it's just going to take some getting used to. It's VERY different from my Quo Vadis Minister. Laurie, do you think the half-size Uncalendar would fit in a Rick Shaw folio? Thanks!

  13. Hi Becky, I posted a comment on this a few days ago, I wonder where that went...

    To answer, the Half-Size Uncalendar does NOT fit in the Rickshaw Moleskine folio, unfortunately. However it DOES fit in the Success Choice leather covers, which are very nice:

    See my review here:



  14. Thanks, Laurie! Yeah, I think I posted this twice but when I posted the first time, it said my comment needed to be approved before it would post and I could never find it again. I'm sorry to cause you more work! Thank so much for the feedback! I appreciate it! :)


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