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Monday, January 9, 2012

Using your planner to set and achieve your goals

Now's the time of year when many of us are thinking about our goals for the upcoming year.

I love goal-setting tips, and I especially love to think of ways to use a planner to set and reach goals. Here are some posts I've written about using your planner to set and achieve your goals:

I wrote this post on Philofaxy a couple of months ago on using a Filofax for goal-setting, but it can be used with just about any planner/ notebook setup.  It has a lot of general tips on how to set goals, track progress, document your efforts and what to do when you've reached your goal:

Setting goals with your Filofax

Below is a post that links to an article I read that explains how to set achievable goals, and the importance of tracking your goals and recognizing your benchmarks along the way. It also finally explains the flaws of many self-help books!

Secrets for Success

Here's a post I wrote awhile back about incorporating daily goals into my planner, with a link to Travis the Trout's excellent series on Goals journals:

Daily Goals

Goal-setting usually makes me think of Uncalendar planners (www.uncalendar.com), because they are designed to help you set your goals and then incorporate them into your daily schedule.  See more about that in these posts:

Do you Uncalendar?  (an explanation of the Uncalendar system featuring the Full Size Uncalendar.)

Uncalendar Half-Size review

Time for new goals!  (How I used my Half-Size Uncalendar as my goals workbook.)

And don't miss the Uncalendar Training Room which is free to all and full of goal-setting and life management advice.

Do you use your planner to set and track your goals? Do you have any new goals for 2012? Please post a comment! :)


  1. Wow, what a timely post. I am just working on this. It would be accurate to say I have *attempted* to use my planner for goal planning but never worked the kinks out. For the first time this year I am not keeping everything in one book and am going to give a shot at keeping goals in the Uncalendar.

  2. Thank you for all the links! :D I love your article on Philofaxy about using your Filofax for goals--brilliant!

  3. Thanks! I'm working on a more specific goals post (lol) with explanations on how to set realistic goals, what's a goal vs a resolution, and how to set achievable goals. But it might not be up until next week because I am still struggling with jet lag AND a cold, and catching up on other stuff too. But it's in the works, so hang on! :)


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