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Monday, February 27, 2012

New Poll: What type of cover do you prefer for your planner?

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Some people prefer black covers. I have to admit, they do look professional. But I find them boring at best, and depressing at worst. So whenever I'm using a planner with a black cover I either let my kids decorate it, or buy a cover for it.

I prefer colored covers, especially purple. I don't normally go for patterns or photos, but I've seen some really pretty ones.

I didn't include texture in my poll, but I always prefer a soft texture. Either soft and smooth leather or leather-like, or fuzzy (like suede or felt).

What type of cover do you prefer for your planner?  Or do you have any preference?


  1. For me, I prefer leather with a touchable texture. It holds up to travel better, looks professional and has a better hand feel. As to color, I have a crimson malden at present, but I love purple too. I don't have a problem with black and have used it in the past, but lately I've grown tired of basic black.

  2. I love both the red and the Jade Quo Vadis Trinote covers in the faux leather. You remember their exact names, I'm sure. And excuse the following "broken record" statement. I LOVE the cover of my Rhodia web book, which feels like rose petals. If they made it in a crimson color (and the size of their meeting book or a regular Moleskine, I'd probably buy enough for a lifetime!

  3. I usually go for a solid color, something that pops. But last year I bought the 18 month moleskine and I really do like that soft black cover. But I change all the time so we'll see what gets my attention next.


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