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Friday, July 20, 2012

2013 Dodo Pad personal size Filofax-compatible diary inserts

Due to popular demand, the daily squares in the 2013 Dodo Pad personal size Filofax diary inserts are larger! They are now the same size as the daily squares in the Mini Dodo Pad diary. I measure the daily squares at 1.4 cm square.

Here is the sample page showing how to use the weekly grid. There are five columns which can be used for individual people, or morning/ mid day/ afternoon/ evening, or Reminders/ Tasks/ Appointments, or Work/ School/ Home/ Family, or many other endless ways.

There is a planner to show the entire year at a glance for the current year (below), and for the next year too (not shown).
The Filofax-compatible Dodo Pad diary inserts have all the same features as the original Dodo Pad diary including weekly-changing art, facts, dates of interest, puzzles and more.
Every week is different!  I learn something new and interesting every time I open a Dodo Pad.
Holidays for the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are printed on the day spaces, as are the moon phases. Dates of note, anniversaries of important dates, and other interesting happenings are commemorated on each page.
At the back of the diary are a few pages for notes, and a handy table for numbers or other info you need for quick reference:

Also available are Dodo Pad diary inserts to fit the A5 Filofax and A4/ US Letter size binders.

Many thanks to Dodo Pad for sending me this diary insert as a sample to review!


  1. I am going to order one of these! Thanks for the pics. It's the first really good look I have had at the contents.

  2. I would so love to be able to use these. I keep trying to convince myself that the tiny squares are large enough. I love the look of the pad. I really just have no idea why they couldn't have stretched the height of each row to give more space that way. I appreciate that they widened the columns as much as possible but why couldn't they make the boxes longer (height-wise). So sad....I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Thank you for showing these!

    1. I agree DEM. All I can see is wasted space. Tiny little boxes with blank space at the top and bottom of the page, as well as lots of blank space and/or nonsense on the opposite page. I think the idea of a grid diary is great, especially for families, but I couldn't consider buying this.

      Such a shame. Really sorry Lord Dodo!!! :-(

    2. Well, I agree the boxes might be just a bit on the small side...but then, the whole design idea behind this particular calendar is the five square boxes. So they couldn't very well change that without giving up their design identity.

      As for the wasted space...I don't see it as wasted. True, there is a lot of "white space" and a lot of space taken up by silly little pictures and facts. But I think that is what adds to the charm of these particular calendars and make them fun, different and appealing. Not everything in life has to be 100% efficient. Sometimes fun and whimsical is just as important, as it is with these pads. And when it comes to the "white space" I find that great. It means I can add post-its to the "blank" page without obstructing the view of my week with info I might just want for an afternoon, or info that is true for the entire week and not for a particular day. It means I can just jot down a reminder like "look up music with lyrics dodada tu est jolie, french sound, what is it?" etc. It is not wasted space. It is just different space from many ordinary calendars. True, it might not be for everyone, but personally, I find it refreshing. Since it works with my kind of personality. I hate calendars where there is no space for anything but appointments!

    3. Hi there!

      Yes you probably have a point - I like your idea about using the white space for reminders or post-its. My brain must just work in a different way to those who use the Dodo pad. I am 100% for efficiency and any 'fun' I incorporate into my planner is by way of colour; it would never be at the expense of efficiency!

      I can definitely see a grid diary being a good thing though, but I just don't like the look of the Dodo unfortunately. :-(

  3. I ordered a 2012 Dodo Pad last week at a nice discount to try it out....After looking at the 2013, I think I should just go ahead & get it already....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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