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Monday, July 2, 2012

Organised Mum Diary Stand, Pen Loop and 2013 Life Book Diary

I've had my eye on the Organised Mum diary stand for a loooong time, but while I was living in Indonesia I wasn't able to have it delivered due to my mail restrictions.

Now that I'm in the UK, I treated myself to it, and it's even better than I expected!!

I ripped the label off in my excitement, but here you can see it explain the sustainable source of the wood.

It holds my new Life Book diary beautifully!
It holds the book in a smaller footprint than if the book were lying on the counter by itself, not to mention it's up where the pages are visible, and it's protected from any sticky messiness that's likely to be on my countertop.

It also holds my Filofax perfectly!  (It would also easily hold an A5 Filofax.)

And I plan to use it to hold up my cookbook so I can see and follow recipes easily.  The stand is lightweight and easy to move around.  It comes flat-packed with minimal assembly.  (Pop off the black rubber feet from the metal ends, push the ends through the lined holes in the wood, then pop the black rubber feet back on.)

This is the third year in a row I've bought the Organised Mum Life Book diary, because I love the budgeting, meal planning and holiday planning features. The features of the 2013 Life Book diary are the same this year as last year, click here to see my review of the 2012 Life Book diary with loads of photos of pages and features.

I'll use this diary to record monthly totals in the Budget pages to keep my budget on track. In the monthly To Do and Notes pages I'll list household maintenance that needs to be done each month.
On the weekly pages I'll write cleaning schedules and plan dinner menus.

Edited to add: I'm really happy that the seasonal decorations on the weekly and monthly pages are back! Leaf for autumn, snowflake for winter etc. The design is subtle and very pretty!

I love the new font this year, the cover design and the contrasting red elastic closure!

I also bought the Pen Loop, which is actually from Leuchtturm 1917. You can stick it on anywhere you want. I'll stick mine on the inside edge of the front cover, so I can still slip the back cover into my purple diary cover I bought last year.

I also bought the Household Stickers and the School stickers. The Life Book diary comes with General Stickers, which I bought extras of last year.

I look forward to using this diary to manage my household, chores, bills and meal planning!


  1. Such a pretty stand! It sounds very useful, might have to get one or something similar for my desk...

  2. Replies
    1. It IS genius. It holds my book nice and upright, in a very small space. And, it's beautiful, which my photos don't adequately capture. The more I use it the more I love it!

  3. Hi Laurie, I am sooo interested in buying a Life Book, but do they ship from the UK? Is there anywhere in US that carries it?

    1. Hi Lavy, Organised Mum products are not sold in the US, but they do ship to the US. I've ordered a Life Book shipped to the US before and I can't remember exactly how much the shipping cost but it wasn't bad.

  4. Hi Laurie,

    I am sooo interested in buying Life Book, but do they ship from the UK? Is there anywhere in the US that carries it?

    Also, I saw it has weekly and monthly pages, how about daily?


    1. Hi Lavy, no it doesn't have daily pages, just weekly and monthly.


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