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Friday, July 13, 2012

Poll result follow-up: Using more than one planner

Something that surprised me in the comments on the last poll was how many people use more than one planner at the same time. Many people use a large planner that stays at home or work, and a smaller planner that goes everywhere with them.

One of those people is Mstraat, who gave us lots of excellent views of how she uses her Moleskine Taskmaster at work. This one stays at work, and she carries a smaller planner with her.

I also see often over on Philofaxy that many people use an A5 Filofax at work, and carry a smaller Filofax with them everywhere.

I use two planners at once: a weekly where I do all my forward planning, and a pocket daily where I plan and record today. Because my weekly is only for future and my daily is only for today, I don't have to write everything back and forth in both planners, I only write today's appointments into my daily. Sometimes I carry my weekly with me, but I always carry my daily.

Do you use more than one planner at the same time? If so, how do you designate what you write in which planner? Do you have to "synch" them often, or is there little overlap?

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  1. My large planner (I switch between an A5 Malden, Erin Condren Life Planner, and a MyAgenda Spiral) that usually stays at home has all my deadlines and appointments. Each night, I copy any appointments for the next day and my daily to do list into a pocket sized Color-a-Month Moleskine which is much more portable and thin enough that I can slip it into the larger one should I choose to bring both with me.

  2. ANDREA M.
    --Do you like your color a month planner? I've toyed with getting one for the past 2 years and kept putting it off. I've thought it'd be perfect for what to do TODAY. I'd love to hear comments on it!

    1. Sorry, I'm just getting back to reading this. I like the layout because it's fairly muted but also because it's small and thin and I can slip it into another planner. The downside to that is that all the months are separated. I have toyed with the idea of getting just a regular Moleskine daily, but then I can't slip it into another planner so easily.

  3. Currently I'm using 4 planners! And loving it. I explain them here:


    I have a section in my personal Cuban for syncing in my A5 Chameleon.

  4. I use the Palgrave Student Academic planner for my uni work, and the Polestar family calendar for home. I also update key dates on my blackberry, but I would love to have a system where I could plan and synchronise everything....and be able to look at it online, particularly as I am commencing postgraduate study in September and I know the work load and family commitments will be larger!

  5. After a week of reading your site I've dumped my barely used slim week to view planner and the many organising apps on my phone.
    I've now got a large 2012 Moleskine Peanuts planner which I carry everywhere with me - I'm finding the notes pages very useful each week :-).
    And at home I've got a Quo Vadis Septanote which I marry up with the Moleskine every night & log what I've done everyday & whether I've taken meds or vitamins.
    Thank you for making me realise there was more than one kind of planner out there for me. I'm already using my two planners more in two weeks than I used my slim one in about two months :-)


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