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Friday, October 11, 2013

Free For All Friday No. 5: funny/ pretty planners

I need my planner to function in a super-productivity way. So even though I couldn't use planners that are mainly pretty or funny with just enough space to jot an appointment time, I still admire them for their enjoyability factor.

A couple of examples (note: I don't get commission on these in any way, links are only so you can see what I'm talking about so I don't have to steal their photos):

I love this Hebridean Desk diary by Mairi Hedderwick. I looked at this in the bookstore the other day and loved the beautiful watercolor paintings on each week's page.

Also, I love Dilbert so this weekly planner looks like lots of fun.

What planners do you like because they are pretty/ funny/ enjoyable, whether you actually use them or not?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything planner-related!


  1. Hebridean Desk diary is so beautiful!

  2. A pocket Filofax falls in this category for me. They are portable and the almost square, small page size is very attractive but just too small to be practical.

  3. Barnes and Noble sells a Do It All Planner that really appeals to me, even though I don't use wire bound planners. It just has a great layout and look.

  4. I am considering to change from FF pages to FC planner pages because I am attracted to their 2PPD diary and the decoration, but I am between various themes, seasons, 7 habits and Real life adventures planner. Has anyone actually used any of these? Are the quotes inspiring?

    1. Mary, yes the quotes are different for each set. Blooms and Her point of view are directed towards women, but are very different. Leadership pages all relate to that of course, these are currently the pages I have now and I enjoy the quotes even though I am only over children :). 7 Habits pages will take a habit per month and all the quotes will be related to that so that you can focus and implement that habit. Seasons, Monticello, and the green pages are random quotes--all very enjoyable. Real Life I have not bought as it lacks times in the appointment section.
      The other differences in pages is some have the box for tracking (bottom left) ie expenses, goals, health whatever you want to put there. Then there are different times for the appointments. These are two things that I look at when deciding. I really like the tracking box and then appointments I choose according to our life at the time.

    2. I changed from the FF to FC 7 Habits and I like them much better although the colour scheme is far too dull for my liking. I get that it has to be businesslike and non-gendered, but still does it have to be so... brown? But the quotes are actually really interesting and the layout is really nice. I'm considering either getting these again or one of the more colourful ones for next year - I love the colours and design of the serenity but not the layout so much!

    3. That is the reason why I finally chose the leadership refill and not the 7 habits.

    4. I tried the 7 Habits - liked the quotes - but didn't like the dark edges. I use every bit of my planner page and I couldn't write everywhere with those. The Real Life pages are nice but I need the schedule and it's more open than I like. Seasons is okay but too busy for me. I love the original green the best. Great quotes, lots of borders to write in and you can snazz them up if you want to with stickers or washi tape. I usually just use them as is, though. I think I've tried every design over the 20 years I've been using them.

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