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Friday, October 18, 2013

Free For All Friday No. 6: Planner Delusion

I have to give credit for this to Marieke who commented on my FFAF no. 2 post:

"The question I would like to ask is: Does anyone else have planner delusion, when you think your next planner will solve all your time management issues and make you super efficient, just by having it, or is it just me?"

Oh yes, definitely! How many times have I thought New Planner X would make my life so much better/ happier/ more efficient/ more productive/ more fun/ more etc. I think Planner Delusion fueled my search for the Perfect Planner for years!

Does anyone else suffer from Planner Delusion? What are some of your experiences, fulfilled or unfulfilled?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything planner-related!


  1. Yes, I agree!! I've always worked for myself and have had to wear many "hats" as such. Always thinking if I could just find the right planner everything would be more organised, etc. Always in pursuit! I've entered a new phase of life now....I have an empty nest and am semi retired. My husband and I are painting and distressing furniture for a local store so I no longer have as many hats to wear but I'm still in planner pursuit! I have your Plannerism which I love but its a little too small and my uncalender is too big!

  2. I live in total planner delusion for about three months out of the year, first in September (that old back-to-school feeling), then from December through January, when I actually sort out a planner/system for the year. Every bad habit, every slip of focus, every failure to follow through is projected onto my planner! Some years have been less delusional than other years -- I manage to think sense if not actually believe it -- but I can see this year's sort-out will be especially filled with delusion because a few new things will be happening in 2014.

    Among my several delusional ideas/hopes/beliefs: the Right Planner means frictionless household chores and errands (because the wrong planner is what makes grocery shopping and laundry a drag, obviously); if my project plans/to do lists are properly sorted and truly exhaustive, the items will magically get themselves done; there is a planner small enough to carry easily everywhere while also being large enough to be The One Planner; all productivity issues are actually planner format issues!

  3. Just like the rest of you I always am searching for the right planner. My system at "work" is going strong still, a FC 2 page per day. My work planner stays at my desk and is not used for any personal activities (confidentiality). It is the planner that I use for my personal life that usually hits the skids. I must say I really love the Plannerisms Planner it has helped me to start some new routines and I use it for my "daily" what is happening. Since it is my work horse it does get messy at times but that is the beauty of it. The planner I archive is my planner pad.

  4. You aren't alone!
    I think I've had planner delusion since about 1996, when I was given my first ring bound planner when I entered college. I put all my class info in there for every day, and my work schedule at the beginning of every semester. It worked great...until the year was up. Then, thinking I'd never find a refill, I donated the outside part and have been on the hunt for the perfect planner ever since.
    Like Larurie points out, our lives change so if we use a strict system, what used to work might not work any more.
    I've been using the Bullet Journal in a large moleskine...but it's too big. Currently transitioning into a pocket Filofax Kensington...but wish me luck! Not sure if it's going to work, sigh.

    1. Ooh, enjoy your Kensington! Sending you major mojo and good Filo-vibes your way!

      Let me tell you this: after all my years of planner-izing, I have found that the planner that works the best for me is the one I LIKE the best, because I use what I enjoy and if I don't enjoy it I won't use it. I've used super-productive and highly effective planners that I hated. My life is about more than getting things done. I want to enjoy my life, and my planner.

      I hope you love your Kensington! :)

  5. Thanks, Laurie!
    I've given up the hunt for the ***planner that shall not be named*** because I found out the pocket size doesn't have a wallet. Horror of horrors!
    So, I pulled out my happy little Kensington, cut up a grid sized Merquerillus notebook so I had nice paper for him, and am going to get him up and running in a few weeks.
    I have to have a large size calendar, so I just hand drew the calendar on white paper and I'm keeping that in the wallet part.
    So far, so good!
    Thanks for all your wisdom (and enabling!) on your website!

  6. I think that sometimes when I'm especially overwhelmed by work I get a bit of planner delusion and start thinking that if I could just break the work down into more and more lists and have the best planner for it, then all the work would be easier. But more often than not, the planner actually does make my life more organized, especially when I have space to write out my ongoing to-do list which reminds me to slot those things into my daily lists. Without it I'd totally forget details, double book, and either over book my time, or under-use the days that I work from home. I credit my planner with laying out all the info in a way that helps me sort it out in my brain


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