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Monday, January 13, 2014

Ask Plannerisms: large weekly planner with days separated into schedule and to-dos?

A reader recently emailed me asking if I know of a large weekly planner where the days are divided into separate spaces for schedule and tasks. Kind of like this Sarah Pinto one, only larger.

It seems like I have seen something like this, but can't think of where in my endless online browsing I saw it. In an academic planner maybe? Has anyone seen a planner like this?

Meanwhile I suggested they could always get a large horizontal weekly planner (like this Blue Sky one) and divide the days themselves. Alternatively, if they wanted a daily version, the Franklin Covey daily planners have separate columns for schedule and tasks every day.

If anyone can think of a large (larger than 5 x 7 inches) weekly planner with the days divided into schedule and tasks, please leave a comment! Thanks everyone!


  1. Well you could easily divide the days in the Plannerisms planner into schedule and tasks... ;)

  2. Will Plannerisms ever be available from a US vendor or even a US Etsy shop to help lower shipping times and costs?

    1. Hi Cissy, to be completely honest I don't know. There were a couple of US distributor possibilities this year but my publisher decided not to go with them because of cost. I'm still hoping we can sort one out for next year.

  3. Rori pointed out on FB that Planner Pads have separate schedule and tasks spaces for each day. It's arranged vertically rather than horizontally, but is a great option. I reviewed them here so you can see lots of photos of the features: http://www.plannerisms.com/2012/04/planner-pad.html

  4. All the ones I can think of are either ring-bound refills or vertical weeks.

  5. F.C. has "leadership" and "her point of view" in classic size.
    A new project for Philofaxy :)

  6. These are A5 but could work:

  7. Oops didn't read the weekly thing.
    These may work:


  8. The Mum's Office BIG Family diary www.mumsoffice.co.uk is an excellent week to view diary with space to record appointments and To Do for mum on one page and the opposite page is divided into 5 smaller sections for each day to record items for children. I find it really useful for keeping track of things I need to do and for my whole family. It's 24cm x 19cm and costs £16.95. I used it all last year and have bought it again this year as I loved it so much.

  9. What about the MomAgenda or PlannerPads? Both have weekly format, and different sections for appts / todos.


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