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Monday, January 20, 2014

Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal from The Success Choice

This is a wonderful new product from The Success Choice: The Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal!
This new journal is a wonderful addition to the Success Choice lineup. It can be used along with the Women's Success Choice Planners, or alone.

The journal has 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch pages and is very light (only 209 g!) so it's easy to carry with you everywhere to capture thoughts and ideas wherever you are. The thick paper can be used with any inks, is acid-free and archival. There are 136 numbered pages, the last three of which are a categorized index (which I will show you in a minute).

The journal is full of tips, quotes and ideas. Inside the front cover is advice on using your journal. (Click on photos for larger views.)

There are several pages, which I will not show, of journaling prompts with monthly themes. These monthly themes are the same as the corresponding months in the Women's Success Planners. The theme of the 2014 planners is Be. Each month has a different topic, for example January's is Be Present. The journal has several journaling prompts for Be Present such as, "How can I be more fully engaged in my interactions with others?" and "What distracts me from being fully present?"

Other journal-prompt topics are Be Organized and Be Self-Reliant. You can use these topics to prompt your journaling, if you like. Or they can be just something to think about. You can work through all 12 topics and their prompts, or choose whichever ones relate to you at the time.

After the journal prompts pages come the journaling pages. On every two-page spread, the left page is blank and the right page is lined. This allows you to use the pages in many different ways: adding in photos, sketching, art journaling, etc.
At the bottom of each right-hand page is an inspiring quote. Also here you can see the pages are numbered.

Here is something that makes this book especially useful: at the back are three pages of categorized index so you can easily find things in the book. The first two pages have designated categories like Plans and Events:
 On the last page the categories are blank so you can customize it yourself.
The pre-numbered pages and index in the back would make this book especially useful as a Bullet Journal or other daily-record type book.

On the back cover there are more ideas for ways to use your journal:

The journal is designed to fit into the Success Choice leather covers and felt covers, which are roomy enough to fit the journal in along with the Women's Success Planner. I will show the new covers in my next post. Or it can be used without a cover. The laminated card covers would hold up well even in your bag.

(I apologize these photos are not great, I took them quickly in a brief moment of sunshine! The book actually looks much nicer than my photos show.)

I ordered this journal for myself and I also bought one for my mom, and she loves it! This would be an excellent journal or everyday book for anyone.

You can find the Choosing Joy in the Journey Journal and all the Success Choice products at www.successchoice.com. Don't forget, Plannerisms readers get 15% off their total order! Just enter the code plannerisms12 at checkout.


  1. Does it cost a lot to ship these products to Scotland?

    1. Sorry Morag I don't actually know. I had it sent to my mom in the US and she brought it over when she came for Christmas. You could ask them for a shipping estimate via their Contact Us page: http://www.successchoice.com/contact.php

  2. I have both and journal and the planner this year. I am enjoying both. I also have a letter size planner pad and guess what - it just got here - a pink plannerism!

    I bought a Franklin Covey cover for wire bound planners and it was actually a bit too big to hold both the WSP and the journal, so I added the plannerisms and now it is just right!

    I am using the Plannerism yearly and quarterly sections for laying out my goals for the year and creating the actions needed in the monthly goals section. Then I take those and put in the planner pad to chunk it each month into actionable items which are then put in the weekly section. Yes it is a lot of work, but I am hoping that will not fail!

    I use the weekly Plannerism section to track my homework assignments from all the MOOCs I sign up for. (Way too many - but they are free!) The WSP is used to track regular daily tasks and housework - sort of FlyLady like, and to make sure I journal everyday. We shall see if this works out for me.


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