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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Free printable planners

Finding your perfect planner doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, if you have a printer you can try out lots of free printables and set yourself up for the year at relatively minimal cost (depending on how expensive your printer ink is!).

The Philofaxy free printable planners come in a huge range of formats and sizes. They are designed to be used for ring binders (Filofax etc.).

Homemakers Daily also has some free printable pages for Filofax and Franklin Covey binders, in daily and weekly formats. Also at the bottom of this post she has a download for my favorite weekly planner format.

Productive Flourishing planners are different from usual planners in that they are designed for people who work to projects/ tasks rather than to a time schedule. Each month they make their planners selection available for free downloading, or you can buy the whole year if you don't want to wait for them to come out each month.

Passion Planner has free downloads of their weekly planner, or you can buy their bound version. Heads-up: the free printable has Monday starting weeks but their 2015 bound planner to purchase has Sunday-starting weeks. I have to admit I printed out some of these free pages and have been playing with them this week.

Here are a bunch I haven't tried myself but look good:


The Handmade Home

Organized Home


DIY Planner templates

CrazyLittleProjects not only has great-looking printables but also some stellar planning advice.

Emily Ley

Scroll down this post from GlueSticksBlog to see links to all the various pages she used to create her free printable planner.

She used the monthly calendars from Miss Tina (2015 version in the link).

Scattered Squirrel has a great variety of undated printables.

What are your favorite free printable planners?


  1. May I offer an invite to my free planner printables?

    Planner Fun Free Printables

  2. My all-time favorite is DIY planner. They've had some trouble migrating to a new server. Clicking on the link in your post takes one to Templates. From there, DIY Planner Kits. Then DIY Planner (Classic/A5 Edition). Finally one gets to Core Package, but that link doesn't work.

    What one has to do is move the cursor over Core Package. Then carefully copy the address WITHOUT the "www" When one finally opens the set of 80 templates, bookmark it to save all the work next time. Follow the same procedure to open and bookmark Classic 2-Up too.

    Core Package templates fill almost the whole of a letter-size sheet. Classic 2-Up prints in classic size, two per page.

    1. Steve thanks for the walk-through on how to get to the printables. I haven't used them but I see online a lot of people love DIY Planner templates.

  3. I love those productive flourishing ones! I wish they came in different sizes (I use a personal Filofax)- they would be perfect for my current work state.

  4. Laurie, I have also been trying out the Passion Planner pages and I was sorry to learn that they switched to a Sunday start. After years as a FC person, I switched to FF and now prefer having the weekends together. Have you ever done a review of which planner have Monday starts for their months AND weeks?

    1. Wyona generally only US planners have monthly calendars with Sunday starts. Everyplace else, the weeks start with Monday on the monthly calendars. So any non-US brand planner will have Monday starts for their weeks and months.

      Problem is, monthly calendars in weekly planners are far more popular in US planners than elsewhere. So you might have to look harder for a non-US planner that has month calendars too. Sorry that's not much of a specific answers, but describes what to look for at least. It's not a lot of use to do a post on which planners do or don't have monthly calendars because there are so many out there and they change every year, so you'll want to check for the particular planner you are looking at.

  5. I am so disappointed that passion planner has a Sunday start. I ordered it thinking I had finally found my holy grail but had to cancel. I've been mostly a planner pad user since undergrad but I'm always trying out systems that are more portable. After a while even the personal size feels cumbersome and I didn't like the seasons version. Currently using the moleskine weekly planner (18 mos) and love the portability as well as a full page of notes per week but I desperately miss a monthly grid calendar. I guess I'll keep searching. :0(

  6. Thank you for sharing. Good resources. I liked. I can tell you another one http://www.pptstar.com/diagrams/timeline-calendar-diagram/. More recently I downloaded there planner for my daughter. She is very grateful to me, as long wanted to start your own scheduler. She is only 10 years old :)


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