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Monday, November 24, 2014

2015 Plannerisms planners available for pre-order soon!!

Great news! The 2015 Plannerisms planners will be available to pre-order from the Collins UK website for worldwide shipping in the next few days!

I'll post a big announcement here on the blog and on Twitter when they are ready to process pre-orders. I strongly recommend you pre-order yours because in previous years the most popular cover colors sold out quickly. So pre-order to make sure you get the color you prefer!

When they are ready I'll post more information here on cover colors, price, and the ordering link. Thanks for your interest, and be sure to check back here in a few days for the update!

Meanwhile you can click here to learn more about the Plannerisms planners, see photos of last year's planner, read customer testimonials, examples of use and more!


  1. Dear Laurie,
    Which ones do I look for in the website. The search yields zero results. I would like the plannerisms planner that you reviewed on your website.

    1. Hi Radha, they are not on the website yet. I'll post the link here when it is ready.

  2. Dear Laurie

    will they be available in shops in Singapore like last year? I live here and for me it would be easier to buy one at a local retailers...Please let me know.
    Many thanks

    1. Lia as far as I know they will be, but I don't know yet which shops they will be in. I will let you know when they are in shops and which ones. Thanks for your interest!

  3. I've always really liked your planners but never managed to get one because I always missed ordering on time. This time I'm going to make sure I get my hands on one!!

  4. Hi!
    I like your thoughts and your planner. I got one last year and I'll get one again this year.

    However, I'm curious (sorry if this is an impertinent question): from recent posts it seems that you're using a filofax for current and future planning (plus a bullet journal for today-focus). Does this mean that you're no longer using your own planner?


    1. Actually the Filofax was short-lived for weekly planning because the pages were just too small. I do still use it for annually recurring events and far-future planning. I am still using a Bullet Journal notebook for daily recording, and have been for a year now. I've got a post in the works about it.

      To be honest I'm not using the Plannerisms planner as my weekly planner now. I designed that planner 5 years ago and I'm so much busier now, it doesn't have enough space to write my weekly lists. At the moment there are no plans to produce a larger one, so I print out my own PDFs of a version on full-size pages with daily columns and pages between the weeks for my voluminous tasks lists. I think most people probably don't need two full-size page spreads each week for their schedule. The Plannerisms planner is still great for tracking goals and daily intentions though.


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