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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How do you store your planners?

Reader Tina emailed me recently asking how I store my planners long-term.  I actually keep all of my planners and notebooks out on shelves (as shown here) because I refer to them often. I do keep my journals in a fireproof safe though, just in case.

But it's a great question, and I'd love to know how you store your old planners, notebooks and/ or journals long-term. Do you use lidded bins?  A cardboard box? An archival storage system of some kind?

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  1. Hi!

    Firstly, I feel I should answer your question: I store my notebooks and journals everywhere. I have absolutely no system and I only know where half of them are. Sad, I know.

    And then, I'd like to express my joy of having discovered your blog. I'm a Moleskine lover and a planner addict, and until I found your blog, I thought I was the only one with such a huge interest in these things. Your blog brightens my life, and I feel slightly less "strange" for having these new planner-cravings all the time.
    I'm even considering starting up a blog about my obsession.

    Thankyou for your blog!


  2. I store my old journals in two plastic storage boxes. One is full, the other is three-quarters empty. I also store carefully chosen old planners - the one from my first year of college, and perhaps one other.

    I don't usually keep planners, though I have this wonderful fantasy of a DPP bound planner to be both planner and logbook...problem is, DPP doesn't really work for me as a planner and I already have a five year diary so I don't feel like having a DPP just as a logbook is justified enough to buy a DPP bound planner!

  3. I have cardboard boxes in my office closet that house my planners/organizers from circa 1997 onward. Now that I've come over to the Filo side, I have a nice storage box for my Filo goodies and archives.

  4. Silije thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you like my blog. And I agree it's very comforting knowing we are not alone in our planner obsessions!

    BBR I'm right there with ya! I can't count the number of times I've tried to use a day per page book as an all in one planner and journal/ logbook. But it fails me every time as a planner because I have to see the whole week at a time.
    For people who can be diligent about it, a day per page book can be excellent as just a logbook. But it can be hard to keep up on too many books!

    terriknits that's great you have kept your collection for so long! I'd love to see that pile! ;D

  5. Thanks for posting on this subject, Laurie! I look forward to hearing everyone's ideas. One thing I mentioned to Laurie is that I found a line of "Really Useful Boxes" storage containers, and one of them fits several pocket Moleskines perfectly. I got several so that I can store both my planners and notebooks.

    Silje, I, too, felt the same way when I stumbled onto Plannerisms! Who knew there were so many of us planner geeks! :-) Thanks, Laurie, for a great blog.

    - Tina


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