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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's your most treasured planner?

Today I was reading through my Ghost of Planners Past series and looking at the planners themselves. These are some of my most treasured planners along with my Septanote, my French Textagenda I used in grad school and my day per page planner I used the year my daughter was born.

Steve wrote a couple of posts on Philofaxy discussing the value of using your planner as a diary and showing some pages from the Filofax diary inserts he used during the year his son was born which contain some very special memories.

Do you have planners from times in your life that you treasure?


  1. Thank you Laurie, I had a request on Saturday to bring those diary pages to the next Philofaxy Meet Up in November. I am happy to do that, but I will check through them first!

    I will put them back where they belong... in my Filofax Winchester which is where I started my Filofax story.

  2. My pocket Filofax pages from when I was having fertility treatment. Drugs - nasal sprays, injections, scans and test dates all highlighted on those pages.... I've kept those pages with all the baby memorabilia as they are part of the story. Great to look back over them now...

  3. It's my current one, the Quo Vadis Equology President, both for being of such great quality (minus the cover that started falling apart at the seams in February - now it's barely clinging on - and I'm gentle) but even more so because the last 5 months have been filled with wonderful memories about the time I spent with my boyfriend of that time. I recorded each time we met, even if it was just minutes, and the occasion. Even the arguments (only 4 so far) so that I can keep track of how I'm doing relationship-wise!


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