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Monday, November 21, 2011

New poll: which color paper do you prefer?

You'll see my new poll over there in the sidebar. I'm really curious to see which color paper people prefer.

There seem to be more and more ivory or cream colored paper products out there. I don't know if it's because Moleskine products have cream paper and have become so widespread that other brands feel they need to have cream paper to compete.  I think making the paper cream or ivory is an easy way for brands to make the product seem more "special" or "upscale" without actually providing better quality.

Personally, I prefer white paper. Thick, smooth and the whiter the better. White paper is nicer to look at, in my option, and shows ink colors better.

I'd love to know what you think. Please vote in the poll at the right!


  1. i like cream if it's not TOO cream.. I like basildon bond's 'champagne' for writing letters.. in filofaxes i prefer cotton cream just because it takes a fountain pen

  2. I'm with Dollface - I prefer cream as long as it is at the ivory end of the range and not the yellow end. I much prefer off white/cream/ivory - it's gentler on the eyes (and often a higher quality than white-white paper)

  3. I used to prefer the white paper, but after using the Moleskine 18 month calendar, I like the way pen color shows up on it more than the white. This is more in relation to less traditional colors like pink, green, purple, etc. If I were always just using black, blue and red I probably would prefer white paper.


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