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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poll results: what type of planner do you use?

Here are the poll results for what types of planners readers use:

Do you use a day per page planner or a week to view?

55 votes
Day Per Page: 21 (39%)
Weekly 34 (69%)

Do you use a bound book planner or a ring binder organizer?

50 votes
Bound book: 26 (52%)
Ring binder: 24 (48%)

Do you use an Academic-year planner or a Calendar-year planner?

46 votes
Academic Year 2 (4%)
Calendar Year 38 (82%)
Planner that starts in July or August and goes all the way through the end of the following December 6 (13%)

Do you plan to use the same planner/ diary in 2012 as you did in 2011, or move on to something different?

52 votes
Same Planner 19 (36%)
Something Different 33 (63%)

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in these polls!  I'm always fascinated by what planners people use.

I was surprised that so many people use day-per-page planners! And bound books juuuuuust edged out binder-organizers by a slim margin.  I was also surprised that more people don't use academic-year planners.

And, best of luck to all of you who are trying out a new planner system in 2012!  I'll want to hear from you after you start your planner to know how it's going!

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