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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poll results: Why do you use a paper planner?

Here are the very interesting results of this poll!

Of 144 voters (each person was able to choose all answers that apply):

Time management
  104 (72%)
Goal setting
  64 (44%)
Creative outlet (art/ writing etc.)
  44 (30%)
  66 (45%)
My job/ school doesn't let me use electronic devices
  5 (3%)
The visual and/ or tactile aspect of the book/ paper
  123 (85%)
Technology just isn't my thing
  10 (6%)
I remember things better when I write them down
  113 (78%)

I found it fascinating that more people use a paper planner for the visual and tactile aspects of the book than any other reason.  It makes sense, after all there's probably some device that would technically be more efficient, but the point of using a paper planner is the physical aspect of the book, turning the pages, the feeling of the paper on your hand as you write.

I was also surprised more people don't use a paper planner as a creative outlet. Maybe most people use a notebook for that? I like the idea of doing art or writing in a planner since it goes everywhere with you.

I found it very interesting that most people aren't using a paper planner because they are technophobes. Only 6% replied that technology isn't their thing.

I definitely identify with the folks who remember things better when you write them down. I definitely do, and typing things into a device does not have the same effect.

For me a big reason why I keep a paper planner is record-keeping. I still have my planners from previous jobs with all my contacts, records of trainings I attended, and everything I did. If I'd only kept that information on my computer at work, I wouldn't have any of it now.

Did I miss anything? Do you keep a paper planner for reasons other than those listed above?


  1. Maybe this is a combination of remembering things better by writing them and the visual/tactile aspect of a book, but I find that I've connected a particular planner with a certain era or memory, so when I see the planner, I recall the whole era. Even all the years I consistently used the same planner type, I usually chose a different filler theme and often changed the binder, so it has the same effect. I definitely would not have that benefit by scrolling through old Outlook archives. I'll never switch, no matter how much the rest of my life becomes digital (most of it already is)!

    Very interesting poll results, indeed!


  2. There is a certain bias built in here. People who vote in web-based polls rarely consider themselves technophobes. It's sad but true that the people who would most appreciate it will never see Plannerisms; your readership (like mine) is in the middle of the Venn diagram of web users and paper planner users.

    1. Very true Ray, this blog misses the people who use paper planners but are not online.

      As all polls, this poll is flawed. It doesn't represent all planner users. It only represents the Plannerisms readers who voted in the poll.

      But, it's only for my own personal curiosity, so I'm not bothered that it's not a representative sample. :)

  3. Well, it simply is bloody fast to "enter" an appointment. No smartphone or tablet could ever match that. And the Filo is so much more reliable. (I had my fair share of synchronisation inducted problems.)

    And all that while for the rest I'm a real tech geek, I usually rock the latest and greatest, but the Filo and my HP 12C are here to stay. Odd, isn't it?

  4. Just an aside, I use a completely separate bound book for "art" type stuff, and a separate notebook for just everyday details/journaling. My planner is strictly that.


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