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Monday, April 2, 2012

Academic-year planners are available now!

The 2012-2013 academic-year planners are starting to become available!

Moleskine's 18-month July-start planners are already available on MoleskineUS and (at cheaper prices) on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk in a variety of sizes and formats. Click here for my review of the Moleskine Large 18 month weekly notebook, and click here for my review of the Moleskine Extra Large 18 month weekly notebook. (Please note the monthly grid calendars are gone, from what I understand, and the months as columns pages are back.)

The Plan-it academic-year planners are also available now on Amazon, click here for the products page and click here for my reviews of these planners.

Dodo Acad-Pad diaries are available to order and will be shipping soon, click here for the product page and click here for my review.

Collins academic and mid-year diaries are available, click here for their website.

Do you use an academic-year or mid-year planner? Which brand do you use?


  1. I love my Ex large month planner, the monthly grid is amazing for planning, I hope they bring it back in some form. :(

  2. I noticed that Erin Condren is selling the 2012 Life Planner for 40% off now (no code necessary), and if you get it now, you'll just get April-December 2012 in your book.

    I can't decide whether I want to order that one, or wait until June for their 2012-2013 Life Planner...

  3. Irish I hate to tell you, but the grid monthlies are gone. I'm very disappointed! I was told they reverted back to the vertical months like they had in years past due to popular demand. If you can stand an additional book, the Moleskine Monthly Notebook has month on two pages calendars with a ruled two-page spread between each month. If you wanted to hack it, you could slice out the months and stick them into your planner somewhere. The Monthly Notebooks come in Pocket, Large and Extra Large sizes. (Or you could just print up monthlies for cheaper!)

    GG thanks for the heads-up! Have you read my review of the EC planner?


    In this year's EC planner, the weeks are split at the beginning of each month (photos and explanation in my review). For next year's planner, I've heard that will change, and the months will be embedded in the weeks with the weeks intact as is the conventional format. If you really like your weeks split at the beginning of the month, now is your last chance to get that format (although I can't imagine anyone actually preferring that format, but apparently some do). If you prefer all of your weeks intact, you'll want to wait for the new version. Hope this helps your decision!


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