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Friday, March 30, 2012

Candace1009, last chance to collect your free planner!

The winner of the Personal Planner giveaway, candace1009, has not contacted me to collect her prize.  Candace1009, please email me!  Plannerisms (at) gmail (dot) com.

If I don't hear from you before April 2, I'll have to randomly generate a new winner. That will be two weeks since I announced the winner. This prize is too good to waste!  If the original winner is unable to collect it, it will go to a new winner.

So Candace1009, if you're out there, please email me right away!


  1. Hi Laurie. I'm out here and still looking forward to this new planner! I had emailed you and was about to check in as to why I hadn't heard back.

  2. Hi Candace, thanks for emailing me! I never did receive your original email for some reason. I have passed your email address on to Personal Planner UK, and they should contact you soon with your gift code.

    Congratulations! :)


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