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Thursday, March 29, 2012

New poll: Why do you use a paper planner?

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There are lots of reasons why people use a paper planner. Personally I like the visual and tactile aspect of the book. I remember things better when I write them down. And I like to use my planners as a permanent record of events.

I've read about lawyers who are forbidden from using electronic devices in the courtroom and students who aren't allowed to use devices in the classroom, so these folks use paper planners.

Why do you use a paper planner? Please vote!


  1. Even though I prefer paper, I do use a combination of electronic and paper. I remember things better when I write them down, but there are times when I forget to look at my paper planner for updates. This is when electronic reminders from my smart phone calendar comes in handy.

  2. Tactile:) Writing things down in my moleskin affords me the freedom to doodle, accentuate and flip through 'time' with ease. Nothing else compares. I've tried various electronic organizers etc. and I am finally back to paper and I love it...I won't be switching away. Ever.

  3. I like to see the big picture - whole weeks or months all at once large enough to see. Can't do that with an iPhone or similar device. Love the physical touch of flipping pages too. I also like the process from brain-to-hand-to-paper. Would hate to have to type into a little device every time I had a thought, or wanted to check my schedule or make an appointment. LOVE MY PAPER!!!! ps - I'm currently using MomAgenda. You should try it out!


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