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Monday, March 12, 2012

Personal Planner UK

Many thanks to reader Myra for sending me the link to Personal Planner UK (www.personal-planner.co.uk)!!!
Images used with permission from Personal Planner UK
 www.personal-planner.co.uk ©2012

I've seen planners where you can personalize the cover, but this is the first planner I think I've ever seen where you personalize the format, features, and extras. And there are TONS of options and extras to choose from!!

First of all, you can choose from 3 different sizes of planner. Then you choose the color of your cover, upload a photo,  write your name or whatever else you want.  If you choose text, you can choose how bold you want it to appear, and if you want it outlined. You can even choose the color of the elastic closure.
www.personal-planner.co.uk ©2012

AND you can choose which month you want your planner to start, and it goes for a full 12 months.

Next you start with the basic weekly format and add whatever elements you want to the days and the notes spaces. You can add daily details like weather icons, a space to record work hours, and a large or small space to record your workouts. You can add in your own personal dates. You can choose if you want the day spaces timed or not, lined or blank.  You can even choose which color you want the plastic pagemarker to be!

In the writing space below the days you can choose from loads of options like Lists, To Do, Notes, Ruled, Graph, and teacher or homeschool specific elements for Preschool, Exams, Pupils, Idea of the Week, and more! I've never seen anything like it!!

THEN you even get to choose your back pages. You can get year overview planners, ruled,  squared, sheets of music, address and phone number pages, coloring book pages if your kids (or yourself, for that matter) get bored while you're out and about, Sudoku pages, and more!

This planner looks really amazing and I love how you can personalize every aspect of it to fit your needs and desires!

Has anyone ordered one of these planners before?  Tell us about it!


  1. This is AMAZING!!! Imagine we could have this for any planner ... (like perhaps Filofax??).

    I just checked out their website: the layouts are so cool? I love that Weather box! I think I will gently persuade my oldest daughter to get one for the start of middle school after the summer ...

  2. Jotje, I agree, why can't Filofax have print-to-order inserts too???

  3. IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE!!!! Now, of course, I just want more, like a monthly overview bound with the weekly.

    Just so awesome. Love the way you can have the vertical calendar with only half of the day lined and the rest unlined. So many good things going on there.

  4. What other planners are similar to Personal Planner? Thanks!

    1. To be honest, I don't know of any other planner that's customizable like this. There are other planners that let you upload a photo for the cover, but I don't know of any other that allows you this level of customization on the actual format.


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