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Monday, July 16, 2012

2013 Dodo Planner Calendar

Dodo Pad has a new monthly calendar! The Dodo Planner Calendar is a brand-new product for Dodo Pad, and I'm very excited to review it!

There is a handy forward planner for next year, and spaces to write important numbers:
This is a vertical monthly calendar with five columns for different people in your family, or categories such as work/ school etc.
There's also Notes space to write important reminders, which is very handy.
Each monthly spread has Dodo art, humor, facts and dates of interest. Holidays for the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and moon phases are printed on the day spaces.

This is a very large wall calendar. Open it measures approximately 2 feet/ 60 cm long. The spaces are plenty big for writing in what each person is doing each day.  In fact the daily spaces are big enough to use the Dodo Save The Day reminder stickers.
If you would like to keep a pen or pencil with the calendar at all times you can stick on a Pen Loop (in your choice of color).

Many thanks to Dodo Pad for sending me this calendar as a sample to review! It is an excellent addition to the Dodo Pad lineup.

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  1. Interesting! I've never seen this brand - kinda like the puns (Indodispensible!)


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