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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poll Result, and loving your planner

I was very surprised by the results of the poll Do You Carry Your Planner With You?  The vast majority of people do carry their planner everywhere!

Here are the numbers:

Do you carry your planner with you everywhere?

163 votes

Yes, I carry my planner with me everywhere.
  112 (68%)
I only carry my planner when I know I'll need it for appointments.
  35 (21%)
No, my planner stays at home/ work.
  16 (9%)

In the poll post, I said I only carry my planner when I know I'll need it to make an appointment. But I meant my actual planner, my weekly, which is where I schedule appointments. I do carry my pocket daily Moleskine diary everywhere, which is actually my daily log book. So according to my own rules, I would have voted that my planner does go everywhere with me.

When you carry a planner with you everywhere, it tends to record loads of details. This becomes a valuable and interesting record of your days, and a handy reference for information on the go. My daily pocket diary is the landing spot for all those little details each day.

Also, when your planner becomes your constant faithful companion, many people become very attached to them. I often see on Philofaxy how people even bring their Filofax to bed with them! For many people, their planner is consulted first thing in the morning, often throughout the day, and the last thing at night.

Because their planner is always with them, it's also a handy place for people to stick in receipts, tickets, cards, notes, pictures, quotes and more.

Do you love your planner? What do you love about it? And, what types of things do you stick/ put into it?


  1. I love my new minimalism approach of my compact Malden, I moved my week per page in to it and that is just about enough space for my appointment needs. In the back I have my address and password reference sheets and in the middle my odd notes and to-dos and not a lot else. The pockets and card slots are adequate for other documents, passports etc and zipped up I don't worry about things falling out or losing pens any more!

  2. I love my planner way too much! Sometimes I get sidetracked by the idea of loose leaf, as I love the prettiness of a looseleaf colourful system but then I always go back to a book. I capture my whole life there, sticking things in, drawing and putting quotes in, then I love to look back on what my year was like.HHmmm ...now I am thinking of doing a looseleaf but simply archiving the whole folder at the end of the year!! aarrgghhh.. too much choice!
    Mel :)

  3. I love my Plannerpad as it is large enough to really plan my week plus stick in printouts and whatnot collected during the day. But alas I am in a phase of not carrying it, and instead have turned my personal Malden into my wallet with shopping list, so it goes with me everywhere and is becoming so functional that I've added Filofax calendar inserts (2PPW). Not so great for planning but I can manage. It carries all my shopping receipts and coupons. However now I must carry a plastic pouch to hold large printouts (from work).

  4. I have sorta spontaneously started using my Personal Planner as a log book for doodles and sketches and little notes. Previously my planner was a list of appointments and to dos, and I had to Call the Dog with the Personal Planner and my compact Holborn a couple of weeks ago, using stripped down insides similar to what Steve describes above. The Filofax was probably more efficient but I am sticking with the Personal Planner cause it is way more fun.

  5. I have a pocket engagement (1 week per 2-page spread) that I keep in my handbag. That one goes everywhere with me and I use it for quick notes and scheduling on the run.

    My official date book stays in my (home) office. I keep all of my appointments there, it ends up getting lots of doodles (how does that keep happening?), and I use the pocket to hold business receipts until I can scan them.

    They are both from Brush Dance - but that probably isn't too much of a surprise ;)


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