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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Franklin Covey weekly pages in my Success Choice binder

In my previous post I wrote about my Success Choice binder and mentioned I bought Franklin Covey Classic size weekly pages for it. Here are the details!

When Josh posted on Adspot that he was selling his awesome Success Choice binder (which is the same size and rings as the Franklin Covey Classic size) for an amazing price, I snapped it up! I've been desiring that binder for ages!

I also grabbed the Franklin Covey Classic size hole punch he was selling too, so I could put whatever pages I want into my new binder. Awesome!!
I ordered the Franklin Covey Classic size weekly Seasons inserts, because I've used the Seasons two pages per day in Compact size before and I like the seasonally-changing images better than the plain designs they have.
 The weeks are not printed back to back. On the back sides of the weekly pages are weekly lists.

The weekly inserts also come with tabbed months on two pages, which is very nice.
The months also have lists space on the back sides of the pages, for monthly tasks and goals and the month index. This allows the months to be embedded in the weeks.

But once I got the FC pages into my binder, I didn't get that thrill of excitement I usually get with a new planner setup. It was just...meh.

THEN. I remembered an experiment I thought about months ago, but didn't have the equipment to try. UNTIL NOW!

See my post this Friday to see what awesome thing I came up with!

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  1. Friday!!! We have to stay in suspense until then?!!! Hurry up Friday :-)


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