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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Success Choice binder

I've had my eye on this binder for a long time, and I'm SO excited it's finally mine!!!

This is the Chocolate Brown leather binder from The Success Choice (www.thesuccesschoice.com). You may remember I have a leather cover from them as well, which I love. So here's the backstory on this binder:

This binder formerly belonged to Josh, and I have been eying it ever since his video about it. Recently he sold off almost his entire binder collection, and offered this one for an excellent price so I snapped it up!

The leather is thick and smooth, with a rustic look I love. I don't mind the distress marks on the cover, it shows life experience! (That's what I tell myself when I look in the mirror!) ;)
But seriously, if anything is too perfect I worry about messing it up. This binder already has some marks so I don't have to be precious with it. Which is a good thing, because precious things don't stay that way long in my life!

Inside there are pockets front and back, an attached pagemarker, an elastic pen loop on the right and another extra one Josh added on the left, and seven 1 1/2 inch, glorious, vice-like rings!

 These babies snap shut and stay shut!
 I love the hardware used to attach the ring mechanism:

Unlike many other binder brands, the Success Choice binders do not have cardboard or other materials between the layers of leather. The result is the cover is floppier than some. But as you can see the thick leather gives it structure. In the shot below you can see the thickness of the leather:

Below is a closeup of the top of the rings. You can see there is an extra layer of leather at the spine for the rings attachment.

This binder holds Franklin Covey Classic size pages and has the same ring configuration so no punching is required. I bought FC weekly inserts for this binder, which I will show you in my next post. But right after I loaded them in, I decided to try an experiment instead! Which I will show you in a subsequent post, so stay tuned!

The Success Choice leather binders come in a range of colors and are available at www.thesuccesschoice.com, click here to go straight to the binders page.

Don't forget, Plannerisms readers get 15% off your entire purchase of any and all products at www.thesuccesschoice.com using the discount code plannerisms12 at checkout!

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