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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Filofax and possible Midori sighting on Nashville

The other night I was watching Nashville (no spoilers please, we are just starting the season here in the UK!) and there was a Filofax very prominently placed on the table! It was the episode where Juliette's shoplifting bungle blows up in her face and her publicist is trying to patch up her image. The publicist had a Filofax on the table in front of her, and even though I didn't get to see it straight-on it looked like a personal crimson Malden! It was stuffed really full and I was pleased that the prop folks had made the effort to put in more pages than the standard inserts, to make it look well-used. It made me want a crimson Malden really badly!

I have to say, I was really glad to see a Filofax in this situation. They easily could have had the character using only some iDevice. But it's nice to have an "old-school" planner shown in a television show in 2013.

Then just a few minutes later in the show, Scarlett is shown holding a gorgeous leather notebook that I think may have been a Midori! I don't know Midori notebooks well enough to be sure. Whatever it was, it was beautiful!

I want to see some screen stills of these, but I'm afraid to go digging around online too much because I don't want to accidentally see anything from episodes I haven't seen yet! Can anyone find screen stills of these?

And, have you spotted any delicious stationery lately? :D


  1. Gasp! I love Nashville and didn't notice the Filofax! How is this possible? I'll dig around online and let you know what I come up with... PS the show only gets better. :)

    1. I looked it up and it's Episode 4 where the Filofax makes its appearance on the table.

      I have to admit I'm totally hooked on the show!

  2. Sadly, the only cool stationery I ever see is online. Doesn't stop me from looking but sometimes shipping causes an ouch! From what I have read the Jottrr notebook would be my ideal but I have never been able to locate one to order.

  3. How is this possible?! I watch Nashville every week and missed this??? Boy is my radar off! Gonna see if I have that episode on dvr. Thanks for noticing!!!

  4. Julianna Margulies carries a black A5 Finsbury in one episode of Canterbury's Law (what happened to that show anyway?!).
    And in one episode of "The Bridge" (Danish/Swedish co-production and mindblowingly GOOD!) one of the deceased had an A5 Finsbury (again in black) on his desk.
    Yep, I notice that. Just the Geek I am ... ;-)


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