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Friday, March 29, 2013

Brush Dance pages in my Success Choice binder

If you've read my first two posts in this series, you'll know I bought the Success Choice binder I've been wanting for so long, and loaded it with Franklin Covey pages that left me meh.

After I loaded in the FC pages, I remembered an experiment I wanted to do months ago but didn't have a hole punch for at the time. But now I do! Let the experiment commence!

I reviewed the 2013 Brush Dance Perennial Grace datebook awhile ago. It is a gorgeous planner and I love it.

But, I have two problems with it:

The weeks are broken at the beginning and end of the month where the tabbed months are put in.

And, the two week spread doesn't give me anyplace to write my weekly lists.

I thought how perfect the planner would be if it were a week + notes format without the broken weeks. I adore the art, the quotes, the colorful pages, the thick white paper, the holidays printed on the days, and the tabbed months.

I had a lightbulb moment when I realized I could use my new hole punch and Success Choice binder to make the planner exactly how I wanted it to be!

I went to work with scissors and the hole punch. In my excitement I didn't take any photos of the process, but here is the result.  Basically, I put a lined notes page between each of the pages. Brush Dance, if I could redesign your planners, this is how I would make them:

Tabbed months are still embedded in the weeks.

The month page is followed by a lined page for that month's goals or notes.

Turn the page and there's the first week of the month. This week the first of the month happens to be on Monday, but even when the first of the month doesn't fall on Monday there would still be the entire week here, not broken. In this planner I'll draw in the days to complete each broken week.

There is a lined page between the weeks:

And after the last week of the month there is another lined page for monthly notes, month review, monthly finances or whatever. Then there is the next month's tabbed page.
At the back of the book are the Addresses tab and pages.

Also at the back I put in the pocket, which is very handy to have.

Here you can see how nice the tabbed months look!

My Perennial Grace datebook didn't have as many notes pages as required for this setup so I had to pirate some from my Brush Dance A Fearless Woman datebook.

The result is perfect! And it looks so great in my binder!

Have any of you hacked a bound planner into a ring-bound system?


  1. Yep. I used a mom planner in my Franklin Covey Binder last year. Worked great. But now I'm a Filofax girl. :)

  2. So far behind on my blog reading! This is pretty incredible, Laurie. I love what you've done and how everything fits together. Brush Dance has a great new Weekly Planner coming out (for 2015!!). We'll make sure you get a copy - they are wow. xo

    1. Thanks for commenting Christine! Ooooooh, I can't wait to see your new Weekly Planner! Thanks!!


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