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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Moleskine Action Planner

I've been wanting to check out this planner for awhile, and found it recently at 50% off so I grabbed it!

The Action Planner is part of Moleskine's Professional Planners series. The book certainly does look professional. The Action Planner is Extra Large (7 1/2 by 10 inches), has a hard cover and is very slim.

It has all the usual Moleskine amenities: In Case Of Loss page, rounded corners, elastic strap, placemarker.

There are overview calendars for the current year (left page) and next year (right page).

There are also month column calendars for all of the current year and next year.
International holidays.
Conversions, dialing codes, etc. Also this one has airports of the world (very handy for a business traveler) and a flight times chart.

Here is the weekly spread. It was hard to get a good photo where the lines showed up well. Each weekday is a full column, Saturday and Sunday share a column, and at the right is a lined space for lists. I don't like that the name of the month is at the bottom of the page, it makes it hard for me to find the month and week I'm looking for. I wrote it in the top right corner, I like that better.

Left page, Monday through Thursday. Countries with holidays are indicated on the day, but holidays themselves are not printed.

Right page Friday- Sunday plus the lists space. I love space for lists on the weekly spread! It's the main reason why I've been wanting to check out this planner.

I was surprised, and I have to admit disappointed, to discover the ruling is wider in this planner than in Moleskine notebooks. I measure usual Moleskine ruling at 6 mm, and the ruling in the Action Planner weekly pages is 7 mm.
Moleskine notebook left 6 mm, Action Planner right 7mm
This might seem like a very small difference, but I noticed it right away. Personally I prefer 6 mm ruling in all cases, because it fits my handwriting best. Wider ruling means I can fit less writing on a page. Just my personal preference, but I wanted to let you know about the difference in ruling.

The Moleskine paper itself is what it is. I go back and forth in my opinion about it. It's not as smooth or nice as Quo Vadis/ Clairefontaine paper, but nothing is in my opinion. Moleskine paper is certainly not the worst paper out there, and in fact feels downright luxurious compared to some brands. In the end it's down to personal preference.

In the back of the book there are a few blank pages for notes, and a removable address book (which I like).
There is a full size pocket that the address book slots into.
It's an excellent planner, and would be appropriate in any workplace. Even though the page size is big, the book itself is very slim so it's not heavy in your bag.

Have you used a Moleskine Action planner? What did you think about it?


  1. I´ve never seen those before - they do look like they would be ideal for work, or even for your own personal planning if you don´t have standard working hours.

  2. OMG! I need this for work asap! I was thinking of getting a Filo A5 but i think it will be wasted on me...this seems perfect! Im going on the hunt for one now, Thank you for such a great post xx

  3. I definitely like having the list on the page with your week. I hate page flipping!

  4. I've been using the very similar Moleskine Professional TaskMaster (Task Manager?) and it's worked sooo well for me. I love it. It's set up very similar as this, but the days of the week fill the two-page spread. Then between each week, there is a two-page spread for notes.

    1. terriknits, Mstraat reviewed the Taskmaster here on Plannerisms, and it looks amazing for handling large numbers of weekly tasks! I've been tempted to try it myself so I can have everything for my entire week in front of me.

      Here is Mstraat's review post and follow-up post on how she used her Taskmaster last year:



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