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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

12 by 17 cm (4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inch) planners

Kate recently asked me for other planners that are the same size as the Quo Vadis Textagenda, which is 12 by 17 cm (4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches).

First of all, let me rant that there are NOT NEARLY ENOUGH options in this perfect size!!  This is such a great size to carry around everywhere, and even a daily book is still very portable in this size. So, planner companies, I want to see lots more options in this size!

The good news is, there are several options available in this size, in daily or weekly formats.

The Quo Vadis Textagenda (academic-year) and Quo Vadis Notor (January-December) are the same size and have the same format with the schedule at the top of the page and the rest of the page lined for lists and notes.
Quo Vadis Textagenda and Notor format
You can see my Textagenda collection with interior photos here and my Notor with interior photos here. Please note the Notor is available in the US only I think, but you can get the Textagenda in the US and from Quo Vadis UK which ships worldwide as well as in France, Germany and probably other European countries too.

The Quo Vadis ABP2 is also in this size, you can read my review of it here. I have to admit I was really disappointed with this one (you can read why in my review), and I gave it away.
Quo Vadis ABP2

New for 2014 the Quo Vadis Daily 17 is in this same excellent size with a traditional timed format. I'm really excited to get this one when it comes out! But I'm a little worried about how narrow the ruling will be. You can right-click on the image on the product page in the link above to see a larger image of the daily pages. ***Update: you can click here to see my review of the Daily 17.

I can also recommend the Undercover UK small diary which I have reviewed here and here. Its recycled leather cover comes in tons of colors, so you are sure to find a color you love from traditional, brights, pastels, neutrals and metallics.
Undercover UK
Its simple, lined format makes it versatile for any type of use. Undercover UK ships internationally. I did a video comparing the Undercover UK diary with the Quo Vadis Notor, click here to see.

Another daily planner that is available in this size is the Cavallini Moderno diary (which you can see here on the Jenni Bick website and I have also seen them at The Paperie UK but they are now out of stock for 2013). Even though the leather cover is beautiful, it is so stiff the book does not stay open and I abandoned it for this reason, which you can read all about here.

Paperblanks makes diaries in this size too (their Midi size), in daily and weekly formats. You can see my review of them with lots of photos here. The Paperblanks planners come with lots of beautiful cover options.

Quo Vadis makes weekly planners in the 10 by 15 cm size (4 by 6 inches) which is very nearly the same size. Check out their Business, University (academic-year), Horizontal 15 and Note 15 planners. (Links shown are from Quo Vadis UK, which ships worldwide). I haven't tried any of these exact planners, but you can't go wrong with Quo Vadis's superb quality and luxurious paper.

Another Quo Vadis planner that is nearly this same size (16 by 16 cm, 6 1/3 by 6 1/3 inches) is the Executive, which I have reviewed here. It is available in the US and from Quo Vadis UK.

If anyone knows of any other planners/ diaries in the 12 by 17 cm (4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches) size please post a comment! I love this size and I would be very interested to know other options.


  1. I LOVE this size :D Sadly, I think in the Text Agenda all the schedule area and boxed area make this a far less useful planner. I prefer just open space like the Undercover UK one. There's just not enough room in these to take up half the page with formatting someone may or may not use.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch...(sorry) You're right--this size is PERFECT for carrying around, especially in a daily format, and more companies should be paying attention to that! Please???

    1. I've been bugging Moleskine for YEARS to make this size. Pocket size is too small. Large is too big to carry everywhere. This size is perfect! They don't have a size called "Medium" yet, this would fit perfectly! Alas, I've seen their catalog with their 2014 planners and there are no Medium size ones. Oh well, maybe for 2015!! :P

  2. Oooh. The Note 15 looks perfect. I am using a Paperblanks midi horizontal weekly, having switched from a week plus notes (verso). The verso day spaces were way too small and it turned out there were not enough note pages - just one blank and a couple of other small boxes. I also disliked having unlined days. I am doing ok with the horizontal one, which has lines in the day spaces but then not in the weekly note section. There are several lined pages for notes. But (there's always a "but," isn't there?) the weekly note section is too small and I have discovered the magnetic flap that closes it doesn't allow extra room to stuff extra papers in it. There are versions available with an elastic closure, so that is fixable. But the Note 15 would be much better for weekly note space for me. So another option for 2014; I am also going to get the week plus notes Quo Vadis inserts for my Filofax to try. Laurie, you are quite the temptress!

    1. Mstraat if it's a week plus notes version you're looking for, Quo Vadis US has several ranging from huge (Note 27) to pocket size.

      Check out this page and look at the With Notes Page column. http://quovadisplanners.com/catalog/weekly

      I've had my eye on the Space 24 for a few years now but for some reason have never made the leap. I have a large Rhodia academic-year w + n on its way to me now, and I will (of course!) review it when it gets here.

      Also something to consider is that QV sells Notes booklet inserts for a couple of sizes of their planners, which is convenient. And whatever planner you're using, you could always slip a Moleskine cahier notebook into the back pocket too for extra notes space.

      Not to enable or anything! ;D

  3. None of the week + notes on the US site are the 12 x 17cm size, which is why the Note 15 was so exciting. And the Notes booklets listed for it have lines; the booklets I got to fit the Hebdo (from Classic Office Products) were unlined and of course would be too big for the Note 15. Moleskines don't come in this size either and the pocket size is too small for me. I also dislike the Moleskine paper. I sound grumpy and don't mean to; I am pumped about the Note 15!

    1. Well then Rock On Note 15! :D

      PS I totally agree about the Moleskine paper.

      And, please tell us more about the unlined booklets from Classic Office Products! Do you have a link?

  4. The booklet is the size of the address booklet, but with blank paper. The link is http://classicofficeproducts.com/quo-vadis-extra-notes-insert.html

  5. I'm not a daily planner person, but if I was, I'd do text agenda. I drool over them all the time.

  6. NoteLetts are in this size. I have one and love the size. I bought it in Canada but should be available here: http://www.letts.co.uk/notebooks-and-journals/noteletts/l/noteletts-l5.html?___store=default


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