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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Quo Vadis Textagenda collection

I have quite a Textagenda collection! I've been getting this excellent planner for years because it has so many features I love (which I will go on about in detail below). The Quo Vadis Textagenda is a day per page planner for the academic year.

Below are my Textagendas!
Textagendas from UK, US and France
From left to right they are:

The Grenadine Pink one at the left is from the UK, reviewed here. The purple one next to it is this year's in the violet Texas cover, which makes an appearance near the end of this video on my day per page planners. The gorgeous turquoise one is my new one for next year, with more details below. The Lilac one is actually a Quo Vadis Notor, which has the exact same format but in the January-December format. My Notor (reviewed here) won the battle of day per page planners last year (post here and video here). The dark purple one is from France (seen in this post here) and the blue one is my first Textagenda that I used when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal (shown in this post here)!

Here is my new Textagenda for the 2013-2014 school year. Many thanks to Exaclair for sending me this planner as a thank-you for some assistance I gave them.

Here are the features I love so much about Textagenda planners and why I keep coming back to them year after year.

First of all, there are several cover materials and colors to choose from. This year I went for the bright and summery Turquoise Club cover. I like to change the removable covers out seasonally.

The Textagenda is the perfect size for a day per page book: 12 by 17 cm, 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches. It has a large page size for lots of writing each day but is very portable and fits in all my bags. It's also a very nice size to hold in my hands.
The 64 gsm paper is super-smooth and white, and is an absolute joy to write on. This is one of the biggest reasons why I keep coming back to the Textagenda (and Quo Vadis planners in general) because the paper is so pleasurable to use every day! Also the paper is acid and chlorine free, which is important to me for archival purposes.

The binding is sewn so the book lays flat by itself, which is an absolute must for me. I have rejected planners in the past that didn't stay open flat.  This is one of my requirements in a planner!

There is an overview calendar for the entire school year:
There are timetable pages to write your weekly schedules, very handy:
Here is a feature I love in Quo Vadis planners: the Anno Planner. This shows you the entire school year at a glance for planning holidays, deadlines etc.
The Anno Planner continues through the end of the calendar year. Then come the daily pages. The Textagenda begins August 1st and goes to August 4 of the following year. There is a full page for every day, including Saturday and Sunday. This is also important to me, I need a full page on weekends too.
The daily format is unique and excellent: The timed schedule is at the top of the page. There is a Priority box, and then lines for writing lists, notes, journaling, etc.
At the bottom of the page is a Notes box for keeping track of things that you want to stand out on the page like expenses, exercise, weather, and anything else you like.

Another thing I really like is that holidays, reminders like Daylight Savings Time and moon phases are printed on the day spaces so I don't have to write them in myself.
I love month tabs!!!
And I love maps!!
There are several Notes pages in the back, and address pages. I like to tape in cards for easy access.
At the back is a reference calendar for the next school year. The refillable cover creates pockets inside the front and back covers where I tuck in papers, receipts, birthday party invitations, and anything else I need access to.
The Textagenda is such a complete daily planner with so many excellent features, it's one of my all-time favorite planners!

Many thanks again to Exaclair for sending me this Textagenda!


  1. The Textagenda looks amazing and the colour is fantastic. Yeah, I absolutely lover the colour.

  2. Lovely! I'm already thinking about next year's setup and I have the plannerisms planner for my weekly/monthly. But for my daily I usually use my filofax and I'm really considering switching to a bound book and just keeping my filo for tracking blogging and finances. Realistically I don't need to carry my blog/column/tenant stuff to work with me. Love Quo Vadis paper.. SO TEMPTED


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