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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paperblanks Book Of Kells journal

Today is the second post in my series on my growing Paperblanks journal collection! See yesterday's post for my gorgeous Lindau journals.

Today I have another visual feast for you. Behold, the Book Of Kells by Paperblanks!


My mom got me this stunningly gorgeous journal as a Christmas present.  She even included a book ABOUT the Book Of Kells so I could appreciate what I'm looking at! Thank you Mommy!!!!

This is the Quoniam cover from the Paperblanks Book Of Kells collection. You can see more information about the Paperblanks Book Of Kells collection and its history in the Paperblanks Endpapers Blog post on their Gospel-inspired journals.
This journal is the Ultra size, measuring 7 by 9 inches. It is part of their Handstiched collection. Read the Paperblanks Endpaper Blog post here to see how these bindings are made and why handstiched books are so cool!

Because the signatures are stitched together and there is no spine, the book lays open completely flat as a pancake for easy writing.

In the back there is a pocket for tucking mementos.

Many huge thanks again to my mom for this gorgeous journal!!!

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Paperblanks and receive no commission. I just really like their books!)


  1. Paperblanks journals are gorgeous and the paper is such great quality too! I have a long wish list of designs I would like to own--I need to write more so I can use up the blank journals I already own.


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