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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NEW Quo Vadis 2014 Daily 17!

I am so excited to review this brand-new planner from Quo Vadis, the Daily 17! This is a day per page planner in the very hard to find Medium size (12 by 17 cm, 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches). In my recent post about this size of planner, I lamented that there aren't nearly enough planner options in this excellent size. It's between A6 and A5 size, small enough to be very portable yet with a large enough page size for lots of writing space.

The Quo Vadis Daily 17 has the same dimensions as the Quo Vadis Textagenda but in a traditional daily format. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

The Daily 17 is available on the Quo Vadis UK website (www.quovadis-diaries.co.uk), which ships worldwide.

Recently I received an email from Quo Vadis UK, who had noticed my blog and very generously offered to send me a product to review. I was thrilled! I absolutely love Quo Vadis planners. I was interested in this planner in particular because I love the Textagenda size, but prefer a traditional diary layout. I even referenced this planner in my post on 12 x 17 cm planners saying how excited I was about it. But soon after, worry crept in. I was afraid the ruling of the lines would be too narrow like on the ABP2 I bought last year, or worse that it wouldn't stay open like that planner. I hesitated to buy it. So when QV UK offered me a sample to review, I was very glad to try this planner out.

Let me take you for a walk through this book to show you all the excellent features!

First of all, the Habana cover is gorgeous. It's so nice to touch, and is firm yet flexible. On the Daily 17 it is available in black, red, or this beautiful lilac! I like the elastic strap to keep it closed in my bag.

I've gone on and on before about what a perfect size this book is. It really is a great combination of portability and writing space. It's so nice to hold in your hands and fits so easily in a bag.

The first page has information in English and French on Quo Vadis's environmental policies. While we're here let me point out the paper is wonderful, as all Quo Vadis paper is. The paper in this particular planner is ivory, 60 gsm, super smooth and acid free.
I don't have fountain pens so I can't comment on its performance there, but here is a test with several different pens:

Next is a page to note school holidays and personal information in multiple languages.

Next is a feature I love in Quo Vadis planners: the Anno Planner showing the entire year at a glance.

Next are month as column calendars that give you more space to note events.

Here is the daily layout, in six languages. There is space for the day's priority, and timed lines from 8 am to 9 pm with a few lines beyond that. Also you can see there is a ribbon placemarker and tear-off corners so you can choose how to mark your daily page.

My worries about the ruling were unfounded: I measure the ruling at 4.5 mm, which is very writable. There are 29 lines per page, so there is lots of writing space each day.

After the daily pages there is an Anno Planner for the following year, for forward planning.

Then there are pages with international telephone codes and international holidays.

There is an excellent page of conversions, then come the maps!

I love maps in planners! There are excellent maps of European countries,
all the continents, and a world time zones map.

Inside the back cover I was thrilled to find a pocket and a Notes booklet!

This Notes booklet has the same wonderful paper as the planner, and each page is microperforated so you can tear out pages for notes or remove pages that are no longer relevant.

Here is a comparison of the Textagenda's daily page on the left and the Daily 17 page on the right so you can compare the formats.

The books are the exact same size.

Below you can see the two-page spread comparison of the Textagenda on top and the Daily 17 on the bottom.

If you've seen my video on my ongoing day per page planner saga, you'll know that I've been looking for a planner exactly like this! So many daily planners are either pocket (too small) or A5 (too big). I'm very happy to have this Daily 17 for 2014!

The Daily 17 is a wonderful addition to the Quo Vadis lineup and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a portable daily planner with plenty of writing space in a traditional diary format.

Many huge thanks to Quo Vadis UK for sending me this planner as a sample to review!


  1. I like the look of that Laurie a smaller version of my Daily 21. I'm still not 100% about the Journal 21 for next year!

  2. O wow, this is perfect. Imagine carrying this with the Note 15--perfect setup maybe? How "thick" is the Daily 17?

    1. Why that is an excellent question. Let me bust out my ruler and tell you.

      Result: the Daily 17 is just slightly less than 1 inch thick.

  3. I really like that! I just wish it had bright white paper, like the Textagenda. I really like the bright white paper for some reason.

    1. Becky I agree, I prefer the bright white paper of the Textagenda too. It seems to be increasingly hard to find white-paper planners anymore.

  4. Becky & Laurie--I tried to post a comment saying the exact same thing, but my internet was wonky. The pic you took next to the TA makes it look super dark. Is it that dark or is that just the contrast against the super white of the TA? If it had ivory paper like the Plannerisms planner it wouldn't be a deal breaker as that's still light enough to be nice.

    1. Rori the paper isn't as dark as it looks compared to the Textagenda in that photo, but it is darker than the Plannerisms paper. It's lighter than Rhodia's apricot paper though, if that helps you visualize the color/ shade.

  5. This is the time of year when I start stressing about what I should do for a daily diary. I think this new format may have saved me a lot of anxious moments over the next several weeks as I survey what is available (which isn't much in my book). One question: is this refillable or not (I prefer not, actually)?

    1. Hi Steveareno, the Habana covers are not refillable, the pages are bound in.

      I agree, there just aren't many daily diary options! Or should I say, not a lot of variety and choice.

    2. Thanks, Laurie. I wound up going with Habana 21 diary. It's slightly larger (along the lines of a large Moleskine), so that should be perfect for me. Thanks for the review and happy trails!

  6. Thanks, Laurie. A great review and I really appreciate the photos! I'm breaking away from Day-Timers and looking for something smaller, sleeker, and more portable. I love the Daily 17. What might you recommend in the interim, until I can get the 2014 version?

    1. Hi A! If you're looking for a 2013 day per page planner, you might have a hard time this time of year since most companies have stopped selling their current-year planners to make way for the upcoming year ones. You can find mid-year day per page planners from some companies, but not in this size. The Textagenda I referenced above is the same size but a different layout, but it starts at the beginning of August (in just a few days) so if that is the size you are looking for I recommend a Textagenda to get you through the rest of the year.

      As I said in my post linked above, it's hard to find a day per page planner in this size! Here is the post with ideas:


  7. Scanning your blog for page per day planners after reading why you like to keep one. I love the paper in Quo vadis and so I think I'll go with this one!

  8. Lovely to see a review like this. Thanks. I note that the paper is 60gsm [very very thin]. Unfortunately you don't show any photos of it with writing and especially the other side of the page with the writing! And more especially with fountain pen ink to see if there is bleedthrough - this is the bain of the lives of fountain pen users. I'm looking for a pocket dairy without bleedthrough - impossible task!!

    1. Brendan I don't have fountain pens so I can't help you there, but I have now added a couple of photos showing various pens on the paper and the reverse side. As you can see the show-through isn't terrible.

      I'm guessing you'll have a hard time finding a pocket size diary that is truly fountain pen friendly. Most companies use thin paper in their pocket diaries to keep them from being too bulky. I haven't tried the Hobonichi Planner myself, but I've seen reviews that show pen tests on its thin Tomoe River paper. There is a lot of show-through but minimal to no bleed through from what I've seen. You can google the reviews to see if that diary might be for you.


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