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Monday, July 1, 2013

My mid-2013 planner winners are...

My Plannerisms planner (of course) and my Time Traveler day per page diary!
Purple Plannerisms weekly planner, red Time Traveler day per page planner

The Plannerisms planner is a given. I designed it to be My Ideal Planner, and all year it has been fantastic for planning my weeks and tracking my goals. I have some posts coming up in the next few days with some details on how I'm using my Plannerisms planner.

I've gone back and forth quite a bit this year on my day per page planner. For several years now I've used a daily planner for planning and recording daily details along with my weekly planner, with much success. You can click here to see my post with more details on how I use my weekly and daily planners together.

The challenge is to find a book with a big enough page size but is small enough to carry around. You can see What I'm Currently Using for details on my day per page switching-around, what else I tried and why I came back to the Time Traveler.

So why do I love these planners so much?

The Plannerisms planner: I love everything about it, really. I designed it to be just how I like it. Soft cover, super-smooth paper, big monthly pages with two pages between each month for goals and notes, weekly pages with plenty of space for my goals and to-do lists. The 2014 Plannerisms planners are currently in production and should be ready to ship next month! I can hardly wait!!

Plannerisms monthly pages, love the big daily squares!

Lined pages between months for goals, lists and notes. Also pages for Annual and Quarterly goals!

Weekly layout with column for goals to check off each day and space for lists below days

The Time Traveler day per page planner (by timetravelerusa.com): I love so many things about this planner. The large page size gives me plenty of writing space each day to plan, record and journal. I love the white paper with no bleed-through of inks, the full-color maps of every continent, the monthly pages, the soft cover, on and on. It's a great planner and I can't wait to get another one for 2014!!
Love the soft cover!

Excellent daily layout with timed space for schedule, space at top for priority and notes space at bottom of page

Monthly calendars are so hard to find in day per page diaries!

Gorgeous maps!

Have you been using any particular planner consistently this year? What are your mid-year planner winners?


  1. Oh Boy, the new Plannerisms Planner will be available next month. I can hardly wait. I love reading your posts as they let me know I am not the only one who gets frustrated trying to find somethings that does it all. Luckily my work planner (Hospital worker) stays on my desk (Franklin Covey with "Her Point of View" 2 PPD planner for this year. I have settled on the Plannerism Planner as my tool to track my blogs. Love it. Like Laurie says above, one of the qualities I like is the soft cover. Watched her videos multiple times, and read how others are using their Plannerism Planner.

  2. I've got my eye on a couple of academic planners that start in August. For now, I'm sticking with my undated Graphic Image notebook with a small, cheap monthly planner tucked inside the cover for forward planning. We'll see!

    That page layout on the Time Traveler looks great!

  3. Laurie, the Time Traveler does not appear to have any type of closure. Is this a problem when carrying it in your bag? Or have you found a work around?

    1. Hi mstraat, no there is no closure on the Time Traveler. But, it's not a problem in my bag because it's squeezed into my messenger bag at the back behind the rest of my stuff, so it's tight in there and doesn't bounce around so there's no risk of it coming open.

  4. I started the year using a day per page pocket Moleskine, which I was happy with last year. But around April I started feeling like I needed less space for appointments and more for to-do's. I was going to bear with it, not wanting to give up the Star Wars daily pocket. :-). But then I thought, Oh, heck -- Laurie switches planners mid-year all the time... why not? I found a 2013 large Leuchtturm weekly + notes format (very similar to Moleskine's) on sale, so I started using it, and I love it! The weekly format is plenty of space for appointments, and the page on the other side is ideal for to-do's. As of today, I could switch to the 18-month large week + notes Star Wars Moleskine that I bought around the same time, feeling remorse about giving up the daily Star Wars. But now I'm thinking I might finish up the year in the Leuchtturm, and start the Moleskine with the new year. You've given me permission to switch at will, so who knows what I'll do. ;-)

    - Tina

  5. I've stuck with my plannerisms planner all year! In fact, it's definitely of more use than my filofax currently is. I'll be revamping my personal filofax layout to make my daily planning and finance tracking easier. If that doesn't work, I may just go to a bound book next year for my daily and plannerisms for my weekly


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