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Friday, August 2, 2013

2014 Plannerisms planners available soon!

Many thanks to everyone who has asked when the 2014 Plannerisms planners will be available, they will be out later this month! I'm so excited for the new ones to come out! 

There will be a couple of small changes to the 2014's based on customer feedback: the booklet in the back pocket will be a Notes booklet instead of addresses, and the monthly goals pages will be before the corresponding month instead of after.

I'll post a huge announcement here on Plannerisms and on Facebook and Twitter when the 2014's are available, with all the ordering details.

Meanwhile the 2013 Plannerisms planners are still available for a short time. They are discounted, with a total cost of $24 which includes worldwide shipping. If you would like to order one, email me at Laurie at Plannerisms dot com and I'll put you in touch with the order processing folks.

Watch this space for more information soon!


  1. Hi! Will there be an address section at all on the 2014 planners?

    1. Hi Julie, there will be no bound-in address section but the notes booklet can be used for addresses. A majority of customers said they don't use address pages but wanted more notes pages so that's what we did. The Notes booklet can be used for any purpose, including addresses. Or if you already have a slimline address booklet it can slip into the back pocket. :)

  2. Ooh! I'm VERY excited about this; I'd love to try a Plannerisms planner for 2014! Can't wait to see the colour range!


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