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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Poll results: Do you carry your planner with you everywhere?

I was really surprised by some of these results!

Yes, I always carry my planner with me. (Please comment on the corresponding post to tell us what planner you use!)
  98 (45%)
I carry my planner with me most of the time, but not always.
  69 (32%)
I only carry my planner with me when I know I'll need to use it when I'm out.
  32 (14%)
I never carry my planner.
  9 (4%)
I capture things on my phone while I'm out and transfer it to my planner later.
  21 (9%)

Total votes: 215 

In my associated post I had a lot of people comment that they carry their Filofax with them everywhere they go.  To me this is an ideal situation: one book that has everything you need that you can take with you everywhere.

I was most surprised that only 9 % of voters said they capture things on their phone and transfer it to their planner later. I thought this figure would be much higher!

This poll shows just how important a portable planner is. Many thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. My best opportunity for epic planner fail is to forget to bring it with me!

  2. Did you mean 21% capture on their phones?

  3. Oh I see, 21 is 9% of the total and 9 is 4% of the total :-)


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