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Monday, October 21, 2013

2014 WeekDate planner!!!

Anybody who has been reading my blog for awhile knows how much I love WeekDate products. I think their Only Write It Once approach is sheer genius. It solves the problem of recurring events without rewriting (and without that annoying self-propagation events tend to have in electronic devices).

I have reviewed several WeekDate products over the years, including the brand-new Academic WeekDate planner I reviewed here last week, the WeekDate White wipe-off wall planner, the WeekDate monthly calendar, and the WeekDate weekly planner several years in a row.  I adore them.

So imagine my dismay when I found out a few months ago this company might not make planners for 2014. WeekDate is a very small company, and their products are all made entirely in the US, no overseas printing, which is more expensive than big-company mass production. They didn't know if they would be able to afford to continue production.

So I was extremely relieved when they pulled through after all and were able to print 2014 planners!

The 2014 WeekDate weekly planners are available in four colors: this sky blue "Fresh Focus," grassy green "Grounded," red "In Control" and black "New Exec."
The 2014 WeekDate planners are a slimmed-down version of previous years' planners, with a lower price. There is no more vinyl cover, which is fine with me. This year's planner is so incredibly lightweight and slim, it weighs next to nothing in your bag. It is 9 by 4 1/4 inches when closed.

But it folds out with loads of writing space! There are sections to write monthly recurring events, weekly recurring events, and your daily specifics.

This year you can see two weeks at a time, for excellent forward planning!

At the top you write monthly recurring events, for example things that happen on the third Thursday or last Monday of each month. There is a color coding system to show you which week of the month you are in. Then look up and down the column to see everything happening that day.

The space below the current weeks shows your recurring weekly events. So those after-school activities, weekly meetings and trash pickup day only get written once, and are visible all the time. So when you need to make an appointment weeks in advance, you ALREADY KNOW what's happening that day, without having to rewrite it week after week!
At the left side of the bottom section is a space to write things that happen on the same day each month, like bills due or pay days (on the first and 15th of the month, for example).
*Updated because I meant to add: this bottom section of the cover folds in to hold your place, so every time you open your planner you can turn directly to the current week.

At the left of each Monday there is a space to write that week's tasks and goals.

A new feature this year: monthly calendars! These are great for overviews of bills due, deadlines, travel and holidays.
US holidays are printed on the days in the monthly and weekly calendars.
There are also year overview calendars of the current and next year.

Another new feature this year: the planner can fold into a tent shape to stay propped up on your desk!

And all of this folds up so slim and light!

So now you have a choice of which type of WeekDate planner to use! If you have monthly recurring events, you want the 2014 WeekDate planner. If you have weekly recurring events but not monthlies, you want the Academic WeekDate I reviewed here last week.

Click here to see the entire WeekDate product lineup. And, WeekDate ships internationally!

I really appreciate WeekDate sending me this planner to review. I really hope they are able to continue producing planners! These products are too awesome to go extinct.


  1. Dang. If only I could come up with a hack so this would fit into my bullet journal....

    1. PaperMeister, this planner is so incredibly lightweight you can carry it along with your Bullet Journal and not even notice the weight. That way you can have your forward planning for the whole year without drawing in your monthly and weekly calendars all year, plus your notes and lists in your Bullet Journal!

    2. PaperMeister -you could write your bullets right on the pages! (If you don't have a lot of them)

  2. Does it still have the perforated edges you can pull off so you flip to the right week right away?

    1. No, unfortunately that was one of the features that went. But, I should have shown this in my review: the cover flaps hold your place so you still flip directly to the current week. I will add that information. :)

    2. Thanks Laurie! Sounds great, I ended up getting it :)

    3. Great Stephanie! Enjoy your WeekDate!

  3. The more I play with different types of planners, the more I like the simpliest ones, like this one.


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