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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Philofaxy All-Stars Guest Post: DIY fish's color coding index system!

Huge thanks to DIY fish for this awesome guest post!

All Stars Guest Post:
Get organized with Life-Mapping format Color Coding System
Hello, fish here!
I am so excited to be able to have my “All Stars Guest Post” on Plannerisms. Thank you so much Laurie.
In this post I would like to talk about Color Coding and how to use Color Coding with Life-Mapping format inserts for Filofax. (You may click here to know more about the Life-Mapping System.)
I am digital devices addicted. I like to use my iPad to draw and iPhone to record important notes. But this won’t hold my love back from the traditional way of writing and drawing. Digital devices are fast in many ways but they just can’t give me the fulfillment of writing with a pen. On the other hand, I have to admit that the traditional way of writing does fall short of something that digital has. One of the most important functions is the search engine. To locate an event in Google is just a click away but you may have to spend hours to find a special event in a notebook which may only have 100 pages.
To solve this problem, I designed the Life-Mapping format Color Coding System which was inspired by a dictionary ~

1.     Create your own Color Codes, Color Symbols etc. For example ~         
2.     Make an Index Page Marker (click here for tutorial)

3.     Fill the Color Codes in the grids
a.     Align the color codes vertically on the Page Marker.
b.     Leave some empty boxes in between different color codes.
c.     Once done, this position must be fixed throughout your binder.
4.     Always put the Index Page Marker behind the page that you are writing. This is my recommendation. Index Page Marker is your guide but not your Today Ruler. If you put it between your today pages, it will block your way.
5.     Use Life-Mapping inserts, (you can find free downloadable LM inserts on my BLOG or more interesting designs in my Etsy Shop )  
a.     leave the side index bars empty first;
b.     Then, you can write wherever you like on the page. For example ~

“Call Bank” is my important reminder.
c.     Put the color code beside it.
d.     Fill the color code in the side bar. You need to follow the position of the “Index Page Marker” you made.

e.     More examples
f.      You can create symbols and use washi tapes too

6.     With this system, you can search and locate your important notes easily. Just bend your pages like this ~
What I wrote here is just one way of using Life-Mapping format Color Coding System. I believe there must be other ways of using. So try it, experience it and make it yours.
Life-Mapping - Get Organized, Get Creative


  1. I think this could work in Midori if I made the height the same distance as the space between the staples so it slipped in sideways.

    1. Use soft material so it can band.
      I am also thinking of two ways for Midori,
      1- is to use the last page of the notebook as the index guide.
      2- is to make an index board and use it as a backing board. the board can be 115mm width (for standard MTN). Then cut a Small hole on the left side vertical center, so the elastic band can fit in.

  2. I swear that I had not read this when I did my own indexing post today. :) But I love seeing this option, too! It's more artsy than I am, but so smart and simple.

  3. Ooh, this is a great idea!

  4. This is really great. I am currently using a moleskine Wo2P planner, so I don't think this system will work. But when I start using my Holborn personal next year, I'll definitely use this color-coding system. *bookmarking this post*

    1. Hi Karen, I think you may be able to apply this to Moleskine by using the last page of the notebook as the index guide.

  5. All of the links on your page and DIY fish are broken/disabled. They bring you to ww1.wondereland.com which is not a working page. Please help.

    1. Hm I wonder what happened? Maybe she has closed her blog.


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